ABD and Sadhguru
ABD and Sadhguru

Look who’s talking! AB de Villiers, the legendary South African batsman, took to Twitter to engage in a friendly chit chat with one of the best known Gurus of modern times: Sadhguru.

It all started with ABD posing a video question to Sadhguru on how his country can heal from the wounds of the past. The question was played on video for Sadhguru to answer at a Satsang at the Isha Yoga Center. Talking about South Africa’s infamous history of apartheid, AB asked “My question to you is how do we fix the past?” He continued, “I truly believe we have an incredibly special and powerful nation and if we can get everyone lined up, we have the power to change the world.”

But his heavy-duty query was preceded by a mischievous one: “Hello there Sadhguru, it’s AB de Villiers here. And my question to you today is what will next week’s Lotto numbers be?” AB deadpanned referring to the local lottery with its random draw of numbers that could make a winning fortune for the lucky. AB then broke into a grin and said “I’m just kidding” and asked his question about fixing the past.

Sadhguru responded with his characteristic wit: “I’ll come to that towards the end because if I give you the numbers right now, people will know you’ve won a lottery; you will be in danger....I don’t want that to happen because we want to see you hitting the ball for some more time,” he laughed and added “Even here in India people love your batting.” When the audience broke into cheers and applause, Sadhguru quickly added, “Except when you’re playing against India” which drew louder cheers.

He then took on AB’s question: “Well, the absolutely wonderful continent that Africa is, has gone through enormous pain and suffering in the last 200 years and continues to suffer in many parts of it....what we call as the past does not exist, so we cannot fix it,” said Sadhguru. “But it exists in our hearts.” He spoke about the sacrifices of leaders of the African freedom movement like Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela urging the people of Africa not to let their struggles go in vain. Asserting that there is only one choice - either to turn our experiences into wisdom or “make a wound out of it” – Sadhguru said that whatever we turn into a wound will remain alive within us even if the experience is in the past. “We can fix the Future. Please do not try to fix the Past...don’t suffer something that is already over. Let’s create a great future for the wonderful country that South Africa is” was Sadhguru’s response to AB’s question.

And of course, he didn’t forget to answer the lotto query, “I could give you the lotto number, but if you keep hitting the ball well, you will hit the Lotto,” he said tongue firmly in cheek as a cheering audience joined in the laughter.

Sadhguru is scheduled to visit South Africa on 4 & 5 April 2020. A heartwarming “We Love You Sadhguru” video from South Africa is making the rounds on social media devices ahead of his visit. On his previous visit to Africa in 2016, Sadhguru had inaugurated the “Sadhguru School” in Uganda.

Watch the full video here:

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