State Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant
State Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant

Congress party, which is sharing power with Shiv Sena and NCP in Maharashtra, has attacked the BJP terming it a party of super spreaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah (seen in West Bengal) blaming every other for the crisis their govt failed to handle. BJP cannot think beyond political opportunism and power and is completely unconcerned towards the plight of people.

Congress, in its response to the letter written by leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis to the party chief Sonia Gandhi questioning Mumbai Model on alleged fudging of data, claimed that it reflects his training from RSS of dichotomy, hypocrisy and double-speak- a perfect example of pot calling kettle black.

The Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Sachin Sawant in a series of tweets has slammed BJP and Fadnavis for criticising the Maha Vikas Aghadi government on corona management while neglecting the deteriorating pandemic situation in the BJP ruled states. ‘’Peddling lies and propaganda are their weapons. As far as vaccines to Maharashtra is concerned,’’ he said.

‘’Yes, Modi govt supplied 1.80 crore vaccines to Maharashtra but it is far less if compared to population as well as number of patients. BJP ruled states like Gujarat & UP etc have enjoyed great support from Modi ji but still they can't deliver whereas Maharashtra is no 1 in vaccination with minimum wastage,’’ noted Sawant.

‘’Thanks to Modi govt Entire vaccination program is going haywire. Number of Remdesivir have been inadequate. Fadnavis ji lies when he says 1750 MT oxygen is provided by Modi government of which 1250 MT is the built-in capacity of Maharashtra. Only 350 to 400 MT intermittently being supplied by Modi govt. Moreover, Maharashtra needs more oxygen,’’ said Sawant.

‘’Hiding figures is an art which BJP CMs are master of. Fadnavis ji also showed his great skills when he was CM. In Gujarat more than 1,23000 death certificates have been sought while nearly 4000 Covid deaths are shown. In UP more than 2000 bodies are seen in Ganga river bed. Same scene in Bihar, MP as well!’’ he viewed.

Sawant claimed that the entire world is blaming India for hiding figures thanks to the Modi government, it requires a different type of mindset to have courage to blame others for their own sins.

‘’In India more than corona, people are dying because of lack of oxygen, Remdesivir & Ventilators. True test of a leader is how well you function in a crisis. What Modi ji offered during corona is tali, thali, ghanta(bell), diya & politics but did not offer strategy, planning or leadership that India desperately needed,’’ said Sawant.

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