Devendra Fadnavis should show courage to write a letter to PM Modi who is making India a cemetery: Maharashtra Congress president Nana Patole

The Maharashtra Pradesh Congress President Nana Patole has slammed the leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis saying he should show the courage to write a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making the country a cemetery. Fadnavis’ letter to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi on failure of the Maha Vikas Aghadi government in the corona management was his poor attempt to cover up Modi’s sins.

‘’The Modi government has failed miserably in handling the Corona crisis because it did not take Corona seriously. Congress leader Rahulji Gandhi had warned on February 12, 2020 that there would be a crisis like the Corona Tsunami but the BJP leaders from Modi to Devendra Fadnavis ignored it saying that we do not take them seriously. As a result, more than 4 lakh corona patients and more than 4,000 deaths are taking place in the country every day. This is due to the ego and greed of the BJP government at the Center,’’ alleged Patole in his response to Fadnavis’s letter.

Patole said that Corona was a national calamity and the Modi government had taken all the power in this regard with the Centre and left the states alone. ‘’Modi does not have a concrete policy. The media around the world is showing that there is no place for cremation in the Prime Minister's Varanasi constituency. Modi's arbitrariness has caused more unrest in India than in 70 years,’’ he claimed.

Fadnavis is misleading that the Modi government has provided relief, oxygen and medical aid to the states. The Supreme Court has exposed Modi's inefficiency by appointing a task force on oxygen supply. In fact, the Centre has not set up a single oxygen plant in Maharashtra till date. ‘’Maharashtra's daily oxygen requirement is 1750 MT. Of this, 1200 MT is produced in Maharashtra, to which the Modi government has no contribution. The fact is that the Modi government cannot provide even 550 MT of extra oxygen. While the people of the country were demanding Remdesivir, the BJP leaders were busy blackmailing Remdesivir. Fadnavis himself was going to the police station in the middle of the night to save the people of a black market company. The High Court has ordered action against a BJP MP from Ahmednagar in the Remdesivir hoarding case. There is also a scam in ventilators provided by the PM CARES Fund and many ventilators are in poor condition due to poor quality,’’ he said.

Patole said the Maharashtra government is giving statistics in a transparent manner. ‘’How many corona tests are done in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar? How many patients get oxygen? How many deaths are being reported in the BJP-ruled state by Corona? Fadnavis should write a letter to the BJP president asking for this information. In Gujarat, 1 lakh 23 thousand 871 deaths have been reported in 71 days, but the government is showing only 4218 deaths,’’ he added.

Patole said while the world is busy with vaccinations, Modi is busy with election campaigns. The Modi government has no national vaccination policy.

The Maha Vikas Aghadi government has given a package of Rs 5,476 crore for poor and economically weaker sections. ‘’What happened to the Rs 20 lakh crore hollow package announced by the Modi government? This should be stated by Fadnavis,’’ said Patole.

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