Prithvi Theatre Juhu near Society this year not play holi for corona virus alert
Prithvi Theatre Juhu near Society this year not play holi for corona virus alert
BL Soni

Mumbai: A change in trend is being witnessed as majority of youngsters preferred to stay indoors during the celebration of Holi festival on Tuesday. They refrained from venturing out to celebrate the festival of colours for two major reasons -- a precautionary measure against the spread of Coronavirus and to prevent wastage and reduce air pollution.

Youngsters in the age group of 20-30 years revealed they stayed at home, instead of attending Holi parties, music concerts and public gatherings. Geet Jindal, a 25-year-old interior designer said, “Every year I go out and attend music fests or Holi bash parties in clubs. But this year, I decided to stay at home as I am scared of the Coronavirus.”

Ravindra Ramakrishnan, a 22-year-old graphic artist said the World Health Organisation (WHO) has directed to avoid public gatherings, crowded places and unnecessary travel. Ramakrishnan said, “In Mumbai, it is impossible to avoid the crowd as almost all places are crowded. I stayed inside my room as I did not want to go near groups of people celebrating Holi on the streets.”

While, some youngsters revealed there is a dire need to save water and prevent air pollution. Qusmal Mohammad, a 28-year-old sales executive, said, “I have been reading about what is happening around. Global warming, ocean pollution and lack of water supply are severe problems. We should save water instead of wasting it during a festival.”

Chris Matthews, a 26-year-old community worker, said, “I respect culture but not at the cost of harming the environment. There are so many villages around Mumbai itself that do not receive a regular water supply. We need to be careful and conservative about the resources and facilities that we have.” Shomita Chakraborty, a travel blogger, said, “I always attend a dry music party during Holi but now I am against air pollution. Also, it is better to avoid crowded places especially considering the ongoing situation due to COVID-19.”

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