Mumbai: BEST employees in top gear to show their sunny side up

In an attempt to boost immunity of frontline workers, the medical department of the Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking has initiated a unique 'Suryasta' campaign for its employees.

As part of the campaign, frontline workers in every depot are being made to stand under the morning sun regularly for at least 20 mins. Senior doctors of the undertaking stated, getting exposed to the ray of the sun, boost Vitamin D in the human body, which eventually plays a key role in improving the immunity of the workers.

"The sunlight after 9 am helps in improving the level of Vitamin D in the body which eventually boosts the immunity level," Singhal said.

"This is a compulsory drive and employees in each depot now have to stand under the sun for 15 mins daily," Singhal added.

Furthermore he stated, the BEST medical team will be conducting a test to check the deficiency level of Vitamin D among 1,400 employees this year. Last year, amid the pandemic outbreak Singhal's team had conducted vitamin tests of a total 3,600 employees along with their 2,000 family members.

In the last one year, the medical team has also distributed 1,50,000 strips of Vitamin D tablets to the employees. Currently, BEST has only 17 active cases of COVID-19. Between April and February total 2,914 cases have been reported in the undertaking of which 2,795 employees have already recovered.

To keep a track of the health condition of the frontline workers, BEST has also been conducting rapid antigen tests. In the past three months a total 10,500 people have been tested of which only 42 employees have been tested positive.

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