Maharashtra lockdown: Travel in private vehicles for those in essential category allowed
Photo: Xinhua

The Maharashtra Government on Thursday issued a major clarification regarding people and sectors in the essential services category which are excluded from the 'Break the Chain' restrictions and can travel in private vehicles to attend to their work. The provison being that they will have to show the identity card of the working organization.

Another prerequisite is that the offices of the essential services in question and those excluded from the restrictions will have to work with 15% attendance.

Another clarification is that only government personnel and Health Workers will be allowed the use of local trains. No one else, even if notified as essential services or if he or she falls under exemptions as per the Government orders, will be allowed to use local trains. Government includes local governments like MCGM, TMC and other corporations, Zilla Parishad and government authorities and statutory commissions, agencies.

Doctors and medical personnel can travel across districts using personal/ private/ public transport on the basis of an identity card issued to them by the competent authorities/their establishments. It is expected that the reason for travel will be medical and health related.

Banks fall under the 'Exemption' category in Section 5 of the State Government Order dated 13th. Hence all banks will function with 15% capacity only (or 5 persons, whichever is more).

The government has clarified that 15% staff attendance does not mean it is a sanction of leave. 85% of the government must work from home. It is expected that departments will embrace e-office as well as tele-meeting systems.

People belonging to essential/ exemption categories as per Government Order dated 13th April, 2021, and subject to further clarifications/ additions thereof can avail services of auto rickshaws and taxis. Besides, these services can be used for Medical Emergencies and for exams, travel to and from airports/ long distance trains/bus stops.

Home delivery is allowed by anyone authorized by the establishment that is allowed to serve customers through home delivery. These may or may not belong to an e-commerce company. However they must always be able to prove whom they are catering for.

Advocates' offices will be deemed as essential services, and hence travel for work is a valid reason. They, however, are not allowed to travel by local trains/ metros/ mono. They may travel by private cars, taxis or public or private buses.

Persons from other states may come in through flights or long distance trains or long distance buses. They can take taxis and public transport to their residence. However, inter district business travel is not allowed.

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