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Navratri 2021: Nine colours for nine days - Check here for date-wise list and significance

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Photo Credit: Unsplash


Navratri is celebrated with much fanfare across the country. The festival celebrates the nine forms of Goddess Durga and each day has a special significance can colour associated with it. And like the days, the colours too have certain symbolism embedded in them. Here are this years nine colours and their significance:

Day 1 (October 7): Yellow

On the first day of Navratri, we worship Goddess Shailputri, the first form of Durga. She is the daughter of the mountain King Himavat, and an absolute form of nature and Shakti hence embodies strength.

Yellow emanates joy and happiness, and is a wonderful way to begin the nine-day festivity. Wearing yellow today will help us in truly embodying the spirit of this festival and spread joy around us.

Day 2 (October 8): Green

The second form of Goddess Durga is Brahmacharani, whose name means a devoted female seeking spiritual knowledge. Walking bare feet, with a jaap mala in her right hand and a kamandal in her left, she is the giver of fortune and dispels sorrows and removes obstacles of her devotees. Governing the planet Mars, Goddess Brahmacharani is worshipped to remove a Mangal Dosh. Her connection with nature is what embodies the colour green on this day. Green symbolises nature, growth and energy.

Day 3 (October 9): Grey

Goddess Chandraghanta is the third incarnation of Durga/Parvati. The ten-armed Goddess is the destroyer of evil and enforcer of dharma. She holds a crescent moon-shaped bell in her hand and hence her name —Chandraghanta (Chandra meaning moon and Ghanta which means bell). Devi Chandraghanta blesses her devotees with grace, bravery and courage. Her association with the moon and her fierce nature of destroying evil is symbolic with this day’s colour, which is grey.

Day 4 (October 10): Orange

We worship the fifth form of Goddess Durga, Devi Skandamata, the mother of Skanda/ Kartikeya. She is seen with baby kartikeya in her lap, while riding a lion. Those who worship the Goddess are bestowed with wisdom, salvation and prosperity, and also receive blessings from her son, Kartikeya. Her radiant energy embodies the orange colour perfectly.

Day 5 (October 11): White

Goddess Durga fierce avatar, Devi Katyayani, is worshipped on this day. A warrior goddess who slayed the evil demon Mahishasura, she is worshipped as the destroyer of evil and bestower of peace. In Tamil Nadu, Goddess Katyayani is worshipped for abundance, rain and prosperity. The colour white symbolises purity and piousness and a colours associated with peace, which Devi Katyayani brings.

Day 6 (October 12): Red

Goddess Kalaratri is the seventh incarnation of Durga, and the destroyer of demons, evil spirits (preta, pisacha) and negative energies. She rides a donkey and carries a sword and an iron hook. She is also known as the goddess who is the “End of Death” (Kaal refers to time/death, Ratri as night). She protects those who worship her from demons, evil spirits and negative energies. The colour red is associated with her fierce nature and rage.

Day 7 (October 13): Royal Blue

Goddess Mahagauri is worshipped on this day. She is the epitome of calm, compassion, love, and has the power to fulfill the desires of her devotees. It is said worshiping her will bring relief from problems and hardships that a devotee might be facing in life. The colour royal blue signifies divine energy and power, which the goddess exudes.

Day 8 (October 14): Pink

On this day, we worship the ninth incarnation of Durga, Siddhidatri. She is a giver and fulfills the aspirations of her devotees. The pink colour is significant of love, compassion and freshness.

Day 9 (October 15): Purple

The festivities of nine days culminate on this day with devotees bidding adieu to Goddess Durga. After offering her a special bhog, the idols of the goddess are immersed in a water body. The colour purple is reflective of intellect, ambition and power, all of which can be achieved with the blessings of Goddess Durga and her various avatars.

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