Know your health risks via numbers

Along with determining luck, bad luck, success and failures, our birth and destiny numbers can also give a sneak peek about the potential health risks which we may suffer in the near future. In today’s column, we will try to find out health problems which may occur in the natives of Number 1 to Number 9 according to Numerology.

Number 1 - Sun: Strong build, BP, eye problems, back and spinal cord. Blood circulation issues may occur after the age of 40, spondylitis, indigestion, jaundice, epilepsy and heart problems are some of the key health issues that are likely to develop in people with Number 1.

Number 2 - Moon: The Moon rules over chest, stomach, liver, gall-bladder, digestive system. Health problems like depression gas troubles, kidney problems, diabetes, watery eyes, alcohol addiction, mental stress, heart problems, weak digestion, urinary infection, cold, cough, throat, stomach, dysentery, etc. are likely to trouble people with Number 2.

Number 3 - Jupiter: The Jupiter rules over the liver, pituitary glands, thigh, hip and knee joints of the human body. Skin infection, eczema, indigestion, acidity, constipation, jaundice, arthritis, paralysis, frail nerves, mental stress, food poisoning, liver etc. are the health problems which are likely to occur in individuals with Number 3.

Number 4 - Rahu: The planet Rahu rules over bones, fat and tissues. Diseases affecting blood, stomach, intestines, pain in the back of their heads, and hips etc. are some of the major health risks which Number 4 people mostly suffer from. Cold and cough also occur frequently. Yoga, meditation, exercise can help cut down their risk of developing the above-mentioned health risks.

Number 5 - Mercury: The planet Mercury controls the respiratory system and the nervous system. People with Number 5 mostly suffer from problems like headache, BP, heart issues, gastric pain, indigestion, kidney pain, cold, cough, skin problems, nervous break downs, sudden weakness in hands and legs etc. Such individuals are also very prone to depression.

Number 6 - Venus: The planet Venus rules over throat, kidney, parathyroid, chin, cheeks, and neck. Heart problems and improper blood circulation, issues related to reproductive organs, lung, weak nerves, urinary problems are some of the major issues faced by people with Number 6. Cold, cough and constipation are other health issues which they should not neglect.

Number 7 - Ketu: Ketu rules over lungs, respiratory organs. Constipation, skin disease, boils and sores, indigestion, gout, arthritis, allergies and blood-related issues are the problems which Number 7 people should watch out for.

Number 8 - Saturn: Saturn, popularly known as Shani, rules over nails, hair, teeth, bones, urinary, tract and muscles. Bile (weak intestines), weak digestive system, headaches, giddiness, joint pains, paralysis, gout, deafness, depression, anxiety, asthma, BP, baldness, varicose veins etc. are health problems associated with Number 8.

Number 9 - Mars: The planet Mars rules head, blood, bone marrow and genital organs. Warm bodies, sensitive stomach, surgery, accidents, scars, blood clots, ulcers, piles, blood, skin diseases, fever, infections, chicken pox, measles, liver and lung problems and blood problems etc. are the issues which people with Number 9 suffer on the health front.

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