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"I wish to use my transformation experience to help others attain their ideal weight"

Utsav Ghosh aka 'TheFitGuyNextDoor' talks about his transformation journey, where he lost 25 kg in just four months, and shares fitness tips.
Fitness Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, Utsav Ghosh |

Fitness Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, Utsav Ghosh |


Transformation for Good is an online health and fitness programme set in motion by Fitness Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, Utsav Ghosh aka 'TheFitGuyNextDoor'.

With an unflinching resolve, Utsav set out to transform his lifestyle during the lockdown and ended up losing more than twenty five kilograms in four months. His own journey attuned him to the process of weight loss and the importance of balance between a healthy diet and proper workout.

Utsav was inspired by his own successful outcome and wanted to help others achieve their goals, with the right mindset and the secret of consistency. This was the start of the fitness company Transformation for Good, a growing online fitness portal.

Q. What was the toughest part of your weight loss journey?

A. There were several hardships, but in the end I realised that the most important aspect is your mindset. It is important to make up your mind and decide on your goal. My transformation was an outcome of clear cut consistency and dedication!

Q. How did the lockdown affect your life? Tell us about your transformation and how it led to the launch of your company.

A. The lockdown gave me the opportunity to break away from my taxing 9 to 6 job as a sales manager, and gave me more time to myself.

Stuck at home, I decided to utilise the free time and started my journey at 96kgs. At the start, I only did basic dumbbells exercises and cardio workout. It took me four months to reach the weight of 75kgs with a regulated diet and regularly upgraded training.

When I realised that it was all about the right knowledge, the mindset and the consistency, I wished to spread my experience and help other people transform into their ideal weight and body. That is how Transformation for Good was launched.


Q. How was TFG launched?

A. At the start, Transformation for Good (TFG) was an online initiative by me where I offered online group sessions for 14 days along with a diet plan for those who wished to transform. The response was good and consistent customers played a huge role in sharing their experience through word-of-mouth to other willing customers.

I decided to take this company to the next level when 130 people registered for a single batch of training. Presently, the company has grown to be a family of 1500+ people working hard together. The personalised way in which we work makes people comfortable to join and stay with us.

Q. How has your brand evolved in the past year since its inception?

A. We are now a privatised company with a team of 15 people, which include coaches, dieticians and client servicing managers. Now we have more over 1500+ customers throughout the globe and we are planning to tap the corporate sector for corporate wellness programs for the employees. So by the end of the year we are looking at 7000+ real time customers working out with us over online platform.

Q. Tell us about your long-term vision and expectations with this programme?

A. I want this company to be the best wellness tech app in the coming years. I want it to help people achieve their health goals without burning their pockets. The value for money program and affordability are our major goals.


Q. The fitness industry has suffered a loss due to the lockdown. What creative methods have you used to grow a fitness company in the middle of this pandemic?

A. I think that communication is the key. I used my digital, designing and communication skills to upscale the business and communicate to my clients effectively. The way you present your brand on social media is very important along with the support for your customers and your dedication to bring meaningful change in their lives. Today, to grow anything into the market, you need to tap the right audience and to do that, internet is the key.

Q. Please share some fitness tips that everyone can follow from home!

A. Few things that anyone can do at home is to start balancing your food intake and try simple exercises. You will start seeing results with something as simple as jogging, doing some activities like skipping and sit-ups then proceeding to full body workouts and measuring your weight every week.

The week you stop seeing the weight loss on the scale, you reduce your intake and increase your activity level a bit more. Once you do this over a period of time, you'll reach your ideal goal weight. However, to accelerate the entire process, you can definitely join TFG live.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a good mental health and I encourage balanced fitness activity and a proper nutritional diet above anything else.

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