Global Wellness Day 2021: How technology can make your fitness regime fun and engaging

Most people strive to have a great body and look fit. However, when it comes to engaging in workout sessions and do exercises, many of them tend to feel lazy and disinterested. Others find it hard to maintain a routine of going to the gym and give that up altogether.

Owing to technological advancements, times have changed. Technology has infiltrated the fitness segment and made working out more fun and interactive. In current times, technology has emerged as a powerful force with constant innovations and fresh developments that make our lives more convenient. Digitization has reshaped different facets of our lives, and fitness has been no exception.

Here we delve into how technology is making fitness exciting for people:

Online sessions & livestreamed classes: In today’s world, everything has gone virtual, and fitness sessions are no different. Fitness enthusiasts can engage in exercises in the comfort of their homes now without having to step out. All they need is a smartphone or a tablet to take online fitness sessions.

Fitness apps and livestream services have made this possible. Many fitness coaches are live-streaming their classes to a broader audience on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This makes it easier, fun, and engaging for everybody. It keeps them hooked.

VR-based interactive workout: Virtual reality has emerged as another exciting dimension in the fitness industry. Instead of simply running on the treadmill while facing a bare wall, users can now connect their treadmills or stationary cycles to a video screen and a 3D eyepiece. This transports them to a virtual world that makes them feel like they are running through a natural landscape, such as a mountain or countryside.

Using such VR-enabled gadgets makes the whole session interactive and immersive. Gamification is a major accelerator of new fitness VR products as it infuses workouts with video game-like goals and scenarios. App developers use story-rich formats that capture user attention, bringing in more engagement.

Smart equipment that keeps track: Smart fitness equipment employs cutting-edge technology for providing the user access to real-time workout analysis. Also, it gives the gym or fitness club staff invaluable insights into how effective a machine is, allowing them to make necessary improvements wherever required.

As users get accurate data about their progress, it contributes to a more engaged fitness session. Once people understand the relationship between their efforts and the outcome, it makes the workouts more meaningful for them.

Community-driven competitive workouts: Most fitness apps also give users the option to form online communities. This way, members can interact and compete with each other. It helps keep their motivation levels high to reach their fitness goals. When leveraged correctly, technology can prove to be an asset in nurturing community among health or fitness club members, leading to their retention.

Studies have shown that when people work out either with a partner or in a social group setting, they can fulfill their fitness goals much more often and are more likely to retain that behavioral change.

Summing up: Technology has brought massive changes to the fitness industry. More transformation is expected in times to come, given the rate at which technology is advancing.

Moreover, the younger generation is tech-savvy and a challenging set of users to engage in an activity. To cater to them better, physical fitness and workouts have to be made more fun and exciting. And technology is doing just that – providing a wholesome and enriching fitness experience.

(The writer is the Founder & CEO at OneFitPlus, a technology-driven fitness firm)

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