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Here's how organisations can chart a corporate wellness route for employees

To understand and create the ideal wellness route for employees, one can follow the below-mentioned steps

For every organisation, it is important to establish a goal, which could be three years, five years, 10 years or even more, depending on the nature of business. To seamlessly merge the vision and mission of the company, it is equally vital for companies to create a balanced corporate wellness plan that is not a one-time event but a continuous process. To understand and create the ideal wellness route for employees, one can follow the below-mentioned steps:

The blueprint: Employers should identify the blueprint of the employees aligned to the vision for hiring and reviewing existing employees. The blueprint must include emotional and mental abilities or qualities too. More often than not, the emotional and mental capacity of a great potential hire is overlooked.

Mental and emotional well-being: Understanding and keeping a check on the mental, as well as emotional, state of existing employees is a must. It is generally observed that personal life concerns can become a part of professional life and vice-versa. Creating a system that suits best for your organisation where the basic factors can be kept in check by making room for safe work-life balance and creating a healthy work environment. At the same time, employees cannot take unnecessary advantage of this by not being within reach of an employer in urgent circumstances.

Productivity and performance: Categorise employees according to their productivity — use the strategy used in a game of cricket. Each bowler is sent on the field at a certain point and batsman is known to either perform their optimum best under pressure, while others perform well under less pressure. This can enhance the productivity and response from employees towards performance and timeline-based projects/tasks/KRA (key result areas) completions.


Giving a break: Employers going on a three-day bi-annual retreat with their direct reports with an agenda at a different location can create a healthy routine break away from the busy life and work environment. This way, employees and employers can spend quality time and increase productivity by thinking outside the box for constant inventions and innovations contributing at work. This will also create better role models. Also, it can go a long way for a company’s growth and the ROI (Return On Investment) it can generate.

Mindfulness matters: Introducing employees to mindfulness practices to increase calmness, the balance of moods and emotions, increasing mental capacity to deal with tougher personal or professional situations, as that is inevitable. Building a sense of basic conscious awareness of their work-life matters and surroundings.

Promoting growth: The organisation should come up with quarterly and yearly plans for enhancing skills and promotions, respectively. Employers must create road maps and vision for an employees' growth at regular intervals.

(The writer is the Founder of In:ha Wellness)


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