Updated on: Saturday, August 21, 2021, 09:58 AM IST

Doc Destiny: Welcome to Virgo season


The season of Virgo which spans from August 21 to September 20, has arrived. In today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the 6th zodiac sign, i.e., the Virgo, and talk about the common unique qualities, characteristics that every Virgo native possess. So, if you are a Virgo or someone in your life is, then read on as we are going to shed light on some of the lesser-known facts and traits of the ‘Virgoans’.

Date: August 21 to September 20

Ruling planet: Mercury

Keywords: Perfectionism, pure, modest, efficient, responsible, fastidious, submissive, pedantic, narrow minded and discriminative.

Appearance: A Virgo is always well-groomed, radiating efficiency. The body is slender, gestures are economical and the hairstyle orderly. The stance is attentive, ready to serve. Virgo opts for stylish, functional clothes that won’t date. Colours are matched and coordinated.

Personality: Quiet and self-contained, their personality is an extremely efficient one. Virgos know how to solve problems. They are workaholics. Selfless and imbued with an instinct to serve, it’s hard not to comply. Virgos like things to be just right and this has a price. This sign can be a critical personality who can’t tolerate failure. Excessive worry can result in nervous exhaustion. Virgo embodies a strong conflict between the natural sensuality of a fruitful earth sign and an innate desire for purity. Part of their personality is always kept untouched and virginal. The maiden’s other aspect is voluptuous and fecund. When inhibitions are lowered, this personality reveals a fondness for pleasures of the flesh that can lead to a crisis of conscience later.

Likes: Cleanliness, organised living, arts, crafts, and active social life.

Dislikes: Mess, dirt, disorganisation, immodest behaviour, noise etc.

As a parent: Supportive Virgo parents care greatly for their children and plan carefully for their future. They set high standards and take any failure to meet those standards seriously – but only because they have the child’s best interests at heart.

As a child: Tidy and organised even when very young. This child appreciates the practical experience and carefully staged learning. Not normally one to get dirty, this child is likely to find personal nourishment from being in touch with the soil. Gardening is a favourite activity apart from crafts and drawing.

Careers: Drawing on a strong connection with health and hygiene, Virgo is often employed as a health professional, dental hygienist, hygiene operative, pharmacist, nurse, dietician, or nutritionist. The sign’s inherent efficiency makes for an excellent personal assistant, scientist, inspector, analyst, writer, critic, research worker, librarian, data processor, market researcher, proofreader, bookkeeper, management trainer, or statistician. Virgo may also find satisfaction as a craftsperson, gardener, shop assistant, teacher, linguist, consultant, or yoga teacher.

Leisure activities: Team games appeal a lot to Virgos, as does the health club, yoga, walking and cycling. Many Virgos are excellent craftspeople, taking up hobbies such as carpentry, woodcarving, needlepoint and model – making etc. Repairing electrical goods is also their popular pastime. To exercise an active mind, Virgos often study for pleasure or takes up charity work. The sign’s precise and efficient approach to life is mirrored in chess and computers.

Suitable gift ideas: A year’s subscription to a health club or magazine is a suitably practical present. Aids to relaxation and luxury bath oils are also a good choice, or something pertaining to a favourite pastime.

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Published on: Saturday, August 21, 2021, 09:58 AM IST