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Doc Destiny: Vastu & Feng Shui tips

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Sometimes, we make changes in our homes without knowing the effects they may have. Bringing drastic or even small changes can impact our lives, relationships and our financial status hence, it is advisable to pay heed to them with the help of the following guidelines.

- Avoid irregular shaped apartments.

- Your main door should open clockwise, inwards and should have a nameplate at an upward slant.

- Have a bright tube light outside your main door, kept on the whole night.

- Don’t sleep, sit or work under beams and columns.

- Don’t sleep with reflection in the mirror or with your toes to the bedroom door.

- Light a diya, flame, and candle in your home every day.

- Your money cupboard should face North.

- Your fish tank – waterfalls — water features should be in north or south-east.

- Avoid cactus and bonsai plants, they affirm stunted growth.

- Kitchen should not be seen from the main door.

- A stopped watch means money blocked.

- Remove cracked mirrors and broken glasses.

- Avoid T junctions while buying a new home.

- Display a world map or globe in the North-west.

- No broken jewellery, clothes, buttons, photo frames, utensils, spectacles, watches, lipsticks.

- No leaking taps, creaking doors, stuck windows, a light bulb that has popped.

- Place salt (rock salt granules) in the four corners of your home, salt water bath, swap the floor with sale water, salt under the bed, salt in the bathroom, toilet to remove negativity.

- Dip your feet in salt for nine days – it is called a karmic release and walk on sand or grass.

- Throw away old newspapers, expired food cans and medicines, magazines, files, games, pens.

- Play piano or any string instrumental music in your home and office.

- Place a picture of mountain behind you or your back to the main door.

- Do not sit with an open window behind you or your back to the main door.

- In the kitchen, avoid water and fire opposite each other, keep diagonal.

- Avoid pictures of shipwreck, burdened women, sunsets, volcanoes, headless status.

- Place all your trophies, laurels, awards, certificates in a red frame on the North wall.

Never keep clutter and unwanted things in the house like old clothes which you don’t wear, old magazines and papers, clippings from newspapers, old books which you haven’t even read even once in last five years, chipped or broken show pieces, old video and audio cassettes, old appliances which don’t work, watches and clocks that are not working, very old account or record books, old emotional or traumatic memories and any other junk.

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Published on: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 08:49 PM IST