Doc Destiny: Understanding the upcoming days of July

July 9 – Those who are born on the 9th of any month are ruled by Mars (Mangal). This number remains constant despite changes. This number indicates completion, spirituality and revolution. Such individuals are religious. Such people are romantic, patriotic, adventurous, responsible, honest, loving, caring, genuine, friendly and social. They have good intuitive powers. They are energetic, active, meticulous and methodical. They are enthusiastic and courageous. Such individuals have great determination and leadership qualities.

July 10 – Those born on the 10th of any month are ruled by Sun. People who are born on this date are born leaders. They are blessed with fame and fortune. They are independent who believe in freedom. Such individuals sometimes break rules and display anti-social behaviours. They are idealists to the core and strive to improve their environment. They should nurture their creative talents. They have a dynamic personality. They are popular in their personal and professional circles. Routine activities frustrate them and they like doing things that are out of the box.

July 11 – Those born on the 11th of any month are ruled by Moon. Such individuals are goal oriented, determined, obstinate, authoritative and revolutionary. They have an optimistic outlook on life. They have the capability of guiding themselves and others. With good guidance, they achieve success in life. These individuals go through emotional ups and downs, but they become rich, famous, and respectable later in life.

July 12 – Those born on the 12th of any month are ruled by Jupiter (Guru). This number makes a person creative. Such individuals are torn by the opposites, the stable determined nature of Number 1 and changing nature of Number 2. Such people are indecisive. Such people love cooking and socializing. They show deep interest in philosophy and religion.

July 13 – Those born on the 13th of any month are ruled by Uranus (Rahu). The combination of Number 1 and Number 3 makes a person irritable. Such individuals are practical, alert and dependable. They become good innovators. They find make good supporting friends who help them when in need. The combination of Number 1 and 3 makes them a perfectionist. They have strong willpower, but face difficulties and upheavals in their lives.

July 14 – Those born on the 14th of any month are ruled by Mercury. This is also a combination of Number 1, Sun and Number 4, Rahu. Rahu is considered an enemy of the Sun which causes the Sun to be partially eclipsed and creates obstacles. Such people suffer from inner conflicts. They like taking risks, mostly in their personal life. However, this combination of Number 1 and 4, which equals to Number 5, makes them a powerful personality. Such people are helpful, wise, restless but jovial by nature.

July 15 – This is a combination of Number 1, Sun and Number 5, Mercury. Both numbers are associated with intellect and wit. This makes the person popular, friendly and materially successful. Such individuals love luxury and prosperity. They show a deep interest in fine art, music and literature. Such people are tender and emotional.

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