Believe and your belief will in time create the fact

The opportunities we find in life will always come disguised as hard impossible situations. We can find many reasons to say that we cannot overcome them. But the skill lies in confronting them and like the ant, go over it, under it, around it or through it to reach the other side. The basic challenge is the same for all human beings. Some pick up the gauntlet; others meekly surrender and perish.

Writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno wrote: “Our greatest endeavour must be to make ourselves irreplaceable to prove that each one of us is unique and there can be no substitute when we die.” The truth is that we have a mission on this planet and if our attitudes and beliefs are right and we have the will and determination to reach the target, it will surely happen today, tomorrow or sometime in the future. But if we give up in the middle and wait for a miracle to happen, we have absolutely no chance of making our lives a successful story.

There are many types of people in this world. Some struggle and achieve; some discharge their duties and responsibilities without expecting or reaping any results and others live and serve, contributing, but never expecting recognition, honour or any rewards. The choice is entirely ours to which category we should belong. As Professor William James and Harvard said: “Believe and your belief will in time create the fact.” To improve the quality of life, raise your level of thoughts and you will reach the roof if not the sky. A fighting spirit gives us strength to do it and not be afraid of a tough battle ahead. Faith, patience, reliability, integrity, honesty and sincerity should enable us to reach a place in life from where we can have a commanding view of life’s panorama. From that height everything will appear at the same level.

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