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Mother's Day 2020: Inspiring Indore women talk about what it means to be a new parent amid the lockdown

Considering the current scenario, we handpicked some inspiring women, who became mothers during lockdown.
Representative Pic | needpix

Representative Pic | needpix


She is your best friend, biggest critic, source of life and truly just a form of God blessing the world with unconditional love. Yes, there are not enough words to describe a mother and how motherhood transforms a woman.

Honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society, every year we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

This year, India will honour mothers on May 10, i.e. today. Due to lockdown when everyone is home, mothers are the glue keeping everyone together and buffers keeping family members from clashing against each other.

Considering the current scenario, we handpicked some inspiring women, who became mothers during lockdown. These special women have a new story to tell us and a unique birth-story to tell their babies:

Experiencing Magic

“Having a baby can transform our lives, but to be honest, it is not transformation or any such describable experience. One look at my baby, and I was magically transported to a world of miracles.

My little one has animated my world and life. I feel excited and as charmed all the time. I seem to have found a purpose of life in that first glimpse of my baby girl.

Coming during the lockdown, the baby girl has given everyone in our family courage and shown the positive side of everything. There are general issues faced by everyone, for example, lack of house help and limited groceries.

However, it is truly a miracle that my baby girl is perfectly fine and healthy. Lockdown is a definite add-on to the stories I can tell her.”

- Manmeen Kaur Mangat, Animation artist

Blessings in Disguise

“Blessings often come in disguise and we fail to see them. I seem to have got that wake-up call from the birth of my little boy Darsh on April 4, 2020.

All my dreams seem to have come true and lockdown plays an essential role in it. We all want to have healthy and happy babies. I wanted it as well.

There was another wish that I had. I wanted my family, especially my husband to be around my baby for some time without any work at home. Lockdown made my wish come true.

My husband is staying at home and giving our son the best memories of his life in his initial days on earth. Lockdown has been difficult, no doubt, but for me, it is a blessing.”

- Kanchan Iswe, School teacher

Tale of courage & struggles

“Lockdown has been a really difficult time. We are unable to get the required help and facilities for our baby. It is tough to even procure necessary baby products and baby care equipment. On the plus side, I am getting a break from regular routine and able to rest.

Lockdown has given a new twist to the birth of my baby girl Drishti. As she grows up, this will become a tale to tell.

She is safely born and growing up in such difficult times. I am sure she has a larger vision, hence, named Drishti. She is a warrior for sure. I am sure it will be adventurous to see my little one grow.”

- Pooja Tayde, Homemaker

Tougher than imagined

“I have been blessed with a baby girl named Dolcy Wadhwani, never imagined how tough it was going to be. I was hoping a peaceful environment but this happened during lockdown on 23 March 2020. It was tough for us to reach the hospital and then we were too scared because the virus can spread easily.

But we had to face it so we took all the precautions like putting on face masks, sanitising and every possible thing. Thankfully, the hospital staff was so calm they handled everything so well and also suggested some after care points.

So we came home the next day only. We’re both healthy. We’re doing a lot of things at home only for baby care.”

- Lavina Wadhwani, High school teacher

A single mother’s lockdown tale

“Being a single mother, I have to rediscover motherhood during quarantine. Living with a hyper-active outgoing 6-year-old in confines of our home is a task.

This lockdown is a re-birth for single mothers, especially because it is a time of introspection. My little one is making me fall in love with myself with his innocence and love.

Lockdown has been difficult, but also the most growing phase for mothers especially those who are single with no other support than her little one.”

- Apoorva Menon, Pre-school principal

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Published on: Sunday, May 10, 2020, 05:30 AM IST