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Madhya Pradesh: Forgot earlier? Select major, minor as per new NEP from Nov 8

DHE is going to open an online window from November 8 to 20 wherein students can now select subjects as major, minor, elective etc.
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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Forgot to select subjects as per requirement of New Education Policy (NEP) while registering for centralised online counselling for admissions in colleges? Or selected subjects which you don’t want to pursue now?

Don’t be afraid. Department of Higher Education (DHE) has decided to open a window for all such students which either did not chose subjects as per requirement of NEP at the time of registration or selected subjects which they don’t want to continue with now.

DHE is going to open an online window from November 8 to 20 wherein students can now select subjects as major, minor, elective etc.

Besides, they can also make changes in earlier selected subjects.

It is to be noted that DHE implemented NEP from session 2021-20 providing students with many flexible degree options, subject combination, unique exit options for various courses etc.

The biggest change students are going to see is in two different durations of undergraduate courses – one of three years and another of four years.

The students who wish to choose four-year degree courses will gain a “degree with research’. The bachelor’s degree with research will make students eligible for one year master’s degree programme whereas those who get took a regular bachelor’s degree will have to pursue two-year master’s degree course.

Besides, the DHE also finalised guidelines for distribution of credits year wise in a bachelor’s degree course.

Students to select five subjects

Students are required to select five subjects in bachelor degree course. The student will have to select one subject as major and another as minor from its own faculty, third subject he can select from any other faculty as elective, fourth one will be vocational subject and fifth one will be foundation subject. Each year, there will be mandatory internship/field project/apprenticeship/community engagement and service. For that, 4 credits have been fixed each year. In the fourth year, credits for internship/field project will be 12.

Bachelor’s degree with research

If the student is eligible and wishes to continue in the fourth year of UG course, he/she will be taught research methodology and manner to prepare thesis. Apart from this they will also get additional chance of internship/apprenticeship which will increase their employability.

Students will have compulsory study following subjects at UG level

• One Main Subject (Major) – 54 credits

• One Minor Subject (Minor) – 28 credits

• One Elective Subject– 18 credits

• One Skill Subject– 12 credits

• One Foundation subject -- 24

• Internship / Project / Apprenticeship -- 24

Subjects to study in UG fourth year

• Three main papers

• Research Methodology/Undergraduate Thesis

• Internship / Project / Apprenticeship

Availability of Elective

Availability of option will be ensured in each college for the selection of inter-discipline subject.

Teaching arrangements for the subjects of other disciplines in a single discipline college can be done with the help of teachers posted in the colleges located in the district headquarters.

In single discipline colleges of arts and commerce, the option to choose a subject from the science faculty will not be available.

A total of 25 electives will be available in arts faculty followed by 20 in science and five in course. Three more electives viz NCC, NSS and physical education will be available for students to choose.

Vocational Subject

Vocational subjects will be of 4 credits per year, and the duration of training will be 60 hours.

Students can study new vocational courses every year or on continue with the same subject the basis of progressive skill enhancement in the selected course can study on.

Each college will be able offer vocational subject to students on the basis of the requirements of its area and the resources available in the college. Their teaching will be arranged in collaboration with Sector Council or local government departments (Agriculture, Electricity, Technical Education).

Students will also have the option to complete vocational subject through online courses of SWAYAM / NPTEL / PM Kaushal Vikas Yojna Open University from their own resources.

DHE has listed 25 vocational subjects which include nutrition and dietetics, personality development, export import management, e-accounting and taxation with GST, finance services and insurance, retail management digital marketing, organic farming, vermicomposting, dairy management etc.

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Published on: Saturday, October 30, 2021, 01:01 AM IST