JEE Main 2020: Topic-wise analysis of question paper by JEE mentor Atil Arora

Indore: Attempting Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2020 September attempt, aspirants were challenged by Physics and tested in the Mathematics section. Chemistry section was scoring with easy to moderate difficulty.

JEE Main 2020 was conducted at three centers in the city. Students from nearby districts and Indore gathered at examination centers to attempt the entrance exam. The attendance of JEE Main has improved as compared to the first day when entrance was conducted for B Arch and B Plan.

The attendance was around 70 to 80 percent in Indore and India, as reported by the education ministry. To help students prepare themselves for the paper, we decoded the JEE Main paper as conducted on Friday.

Basic analysis of the exam

Overall: 75 questions (60 MCQs and 15 numerical based): Moderate level

Physics: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based): Tough level

Maths: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based): Moderate difficulty level

Chemistry: 25 questions (20 MCQs and 5 numerical based): Easy to moderate difficulty level

Chemistry: Easy to moderate

No ques from equilibrium

2 from surface

1 iupac, 1 no of chiral carbon

Thermo 2 ques

Nernst eqn 1 ques

Freundlich isotherm 1 ques

No ques from solid state

Colligative prop 1 ques

Rxn mech 2 ques

Ideal gas graph 1 ques

Coordination compound 2 ques

Hydrogen, s-block no ques

D block 1 ques

Physics: Moderate to difficult

Rotating fluid 1 ques

Modern physics 3 to 4 ques

Rotation 2 ques

Gravitation 2 ques

Kinematics 1 ques

NLM 1 ques

Thermo 1 ques

EMI 1 ques

Em waves 1 ques

Wave optics 1 ques

Ray optics 1 ques

Mathematics: Moderate but lengthy

AM GM 1 ques

Mean variance 1 ques

Integration/differentiation no ques

Area 1 ques

Diff equation 1 ques

Contrapositive of statement

Probability 1 ques

Binomial 1 ques

Sequence series 1 ques

Domain of ITF 1 ques

Function 2-3 ques

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