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Indore: Scoring subject, keeps one  updated with technology

+CBSE Class XII Informatics Practices.

Indore: Informatics Practices is offered to the students of Classes XI and XII to get them acquainted with topics like programming, data science, cyber safety and database systems. There is no doubt that the subject helps students in staying updated with technology and advancements. However, staying updated with the latest developments is often a challenge if students limit themselves to textbooks.

The subject is also quite scoring if a student plans and studies in a planned way. Here are some tips from Informatics Practices subject expert Ashirwad Mahalkari for scoring excellent results:

New programming language ‘Python’

As per CBSE guidelines, the syllabus of Informatics Practices has been changed. It now has a new programming language ‘Python’ in place of Java. However, the students had a choice to opt for old syllabus in class XI last year. So this year CBSE Informatics Practices will have paper based on two different syllabus structures.

Preparing for old syllabus: For old syllabus (Subject Code 265). It is very important to focus more on topics – SQL and Java GUI Programming as they carry maximum marks. Written practice in SQL helps to remember the syntax. Learn the important properties and methods of various Java GUI elements and solve as many outputs finding questions as possible as this will help in the learning process. Students should spend time on the computer and solve the given problems. The theory chapters should be studied at last. 

Important Topics for old syllabus

* Java 

* GUI Programming

* MySQL Queries

* Computer Networking

Preparation for new syllabus: For new syllabus (Subject Code 065), the students really need to have a good understanding of Python language basics and different data objects mentioned in the syllabus. The important topics here are 

* DataFames, numpy arrays and Plotting. Weightage 30 marks.

* Software Engineering and Society, Law and Ethics. Weightage 25 marks.

* SQL. Weightage around 10 marks

+Box 5

Essentials while studying: The code style of Python is very vast and flexible so students need to stick with the topics mentioned in CBSE syllabus. The best practice is to search for different topics and questions on the internet as many websites provide free question banks and online tests on Python language. Try to include the topics mentioned in the syllabus in the project work as more efforts you put in project work the lesser the workload in theory exam.   

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