Principal Secretary Sanjay Shukla
Principal Secretary Sanjay Shukla


Sanjay Kumar Shukla, ​principal ​secretary, Industrial Policy, and​ Investment Promotion at Govt of Madhya Pradesh said that the state​ is geographically located at the centre of the country. Thus​, ​it has​ the potential to emerge as a logistics hub for the country.

Addressing the webinar on Logistics: An Instrumental Catalyst for​ AtmaN_MP@23 organised by FICCI, Shukla said businesses located in any​ part of India can serve the entire country efficiently if they set up​ their industries in Madhya Pradesh. Logistics are already part of the
industrial plan for the Madhya Pradesh government and the improved​ ​connectivity of MP with other states in all directions has caught the​ eye of all key businesses, he said.

‘As the logistics and transport market has entered a technological​ transformation, the transport companies need to be prepared to adapt​ to the change through digital platforms. Digital platforms, could​ easily transform the conventional logistics market by delivering the
products more rapidly and efficiently’ said Shukla.

Speaking on the challenges of the logistics sector, he said that there​ has been a huge delay in ​acquiring ​land and the states need to speed​ up ​the process so that rail​ ​constructions can be taken up​ rapidly.

‘Delays are not acceptable today and we have to achieve the situation​ of efficiency by cutting down time. The stronger and efficient​ logistics system we have in the country will be better for the Indian​ economy’ Shukla added.

Tushar Jani, ​group ​chairman, Cargo Service Center said that Madhya​ ​Pradesh is the centre of India and our research says that northern​ Madhya Pradesh has a great opportunity for being a domestic e-commerce​ hub. Madhya Pradesh has a huge source of skilled manpower and we need​ ​logistic institutes to create a data-based India.

Satish Lakkaraju, CCO, Agility Logistics said that logistics is an​ ​ecosystem that needs to build and we need to leverage on the people we​ have within the state. Education institutions must be leveraged with​ courses on logistics relevant to the markets. He further mentioned​ ​that people need connectivity, as connectivity attracts business. He​ urged the government to develop the air connectivity in Madhya Pradesh​ for further growth of industries.

Satyam Choudhary, Sr Director- Supply Chain, Flipkart said e-Commerce​ ​is a model built around connecting production and consumption. The​ backbone of a thriving economy has been the MSME that needed access to​ the national market. The logistic sector allows the other industries​ to become competitive.

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, FICCI Young Leaders Forum Madhya Pradesh​ ​said the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat can be built around three​ ​fundamentals-local manufacturing, local markets, and local supply​ chains. Logistics he said, has emerged as the top employment generating​ sector during the pandemic.

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