Inauguration of conference
Inauguration of conference
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In the post​-​lockdown ​period, various large textile units are looking​ for an opportunity to make ​big investments​ in Madhya Pradesh. Despite​ the impact of Covid-19 pandemic​, ​demand is rising, therefore the companies​ are mulling to expand manufacturing capacity. Indore region has​ ample potential to attract ​this investment.​

​This was the gist of what the ​stalwarts of the textile industries ​had to say during ​the first day of the 76th National Textile Conference​ being held in Indore, on Friday.​

The​ conference was attended by businessmen and technical experts​ ​associated with the textile industry from across the country. People​ ​associated with thread making​, ​fabric weaving, printing, ​dress-making attended the conference based​ ​on the theme of ‘Fiber to Fashion’. The conference was chaired by MP
Shankar Lalwani. The special guests of the programme​ were Dr Ved Pratap​ Vaidik and industrialist Bharat Modi.

The experts ​said that the city, which once had its own identity​ in the global textile industry, is now lagging in this area. The​ two-day ​textile c​onference, organi​s​ed by the Textile​ Association (India), MP unit, ​being held at ​Jal Sabhagrah, ​aims at making the city a major hub for ​the textile industry once again.

Second biggest​ ​employer​

Ashok Juneja, ​national ​president of Textile Association (India), said​ that the textile industry is the second largest sector in the country​ after agriculture. There are​ 45 million people directly employed by the textile industry across the​ country and 110 million people get ​indirect ​employment through ​their association with the industry. ​This is the only area where a lot of employment can be​ ​generated by low investment. Many large groups are now investing in​ Madhya Pradesh, which will generate huge employment. Many​ big companies are searching for investment opportunities in Madhya​ ​Pradesh

Large companies​ ​looking at MP​

Vice​-​president​, ​Ashok Veda​, ​said that the main reason for ​holding the conference here ​is to attract big names in the textile industry​ ​​who ​are now looking for investment​ opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. Chairman VP Gupta said that our​ objective is to promote the textile industry in the entire country​ including Madhya Pradesh and we will try to create new employment​ ​opportunities in this sector by ​giving the suggestions received in​ this conference to the government. Vice​-​president Kailash Aggarwal​ noted the importance of Khargone belt for yielding the finest​ ​quality ​of ​cotton. Secretary MC Rawat said that Ketan Sanghvi of Indian​ ITME, Amit Chaudhary of United Nation, and Badruddin Khan also​ expressed their views at the conference.

Despite Covid, ​demand is increasing​

Textile Association (India) treasurer Ankit Veda said, "due to​ increasing demand and exports, all the big companies of the textile​ ​industry are in expansion mode." Earlier, only yarn was made in Madhya​ Pradesh and it was sent out for weaving cloth, but now weaving and​ processing are also being taken care of.

Huge market for ​falalen fabric in city

Jawaharlal Sand, who has more than 40 years of experience in the​ textile industry, says that there is a huge market for ​f​alalen​ (​flannel fabric) in the city, but in absence of a processing plant, we​ have to send our goods to other states. Through this conference, it is​ our endeavour​ that every necessary facility for the textile industry be​ made available here itself so that new development opportunities are​ created in this area.

Fashion show at Ravindra​ ​Natya​ ​Grah today

On the last day of the conference on Saturday from 6:30 pm, a fashion​ show will be organi​s​ed at Ravindra Natya Grah. In this show, beautiful​ apparel made from Madhya Pradesh's famous Maheshwari sarees to Khadi and Bagh print will be showcased.

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