Updated on: Friday, June 04, 2021, 10:45 PM IST

Indore: IIM Indore installs rooftop solar panels, encourages a sustainable environment

Solar panels of 4600 sqm generate 460 KW electricity. Helped in attaining an average saving rate of 11.8 percent. No Single-Use-Plastic Zone, rain harvest, and manure manufacturing plant installed.

Indore: Indian Institute of Management Indore, with its mission to remain a contextually-relevant business school and creating socially conscious managers; has been ensuring to contribute to the betterment and welfare of the environment as well. The institute has installed solar panels on various buildings in the 193-acre campus, thereby reducing the consumption of electricity.

In November 2020-March 2021, the institute completed the installation of 4600 square meters rooftop panels in the Old Auditorium, Administrative Block, five student residences, one mess, and the academic block. This has helped in achieving the average saving rate of 11.8 per cent in these six months.

“With our mission to remain socially conscious and contextually relevant, we at IIM Indore ensure to take every step to protect the environment and keep our surroundings clean, safe and hygienic. Apart from multiple tree-plantation drives throughout the year, we are now a no-single-use-plastic zone as well. Keeping in mind the no-kitchen-waste policy, we also use the kitchen waste now to manufacture manure on the campus itself. We have a rain-harvesting system as well and we make sure that the wastewater is used in gardening and cleaning,” said IIM Indore director Prof Himanshu Rai.

“IIM Indore further aims to become a net-zero-energy campus in the coming years; that is the total amount of energy used by every building on an annual basis is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on-site,” he added.


IIM Indore has disposed of all the plastic bottles and strictly saying no to the plastic bottles. All faculty and staff members are now using copper bottles in their offices. The campus is also clean and hygienic with different dustbins for organic and non-organic garbage at every block.

The Institute also had installed water faucets last year to save water consumption. Starting with this pilot project in two student messes, the plan is to install the faucets in every tap. With 5 Lakh litres of water consumed daily on campus, this reduction will help the institute reduce the consumption to about 2-2.5 lakh litres daily.


IIM Indore also re-uses its kitchen waste and has installed a thrasher and compost to produce manure. This manure is then used in the organic garden to provide nutrition for vegetable farming. Sanjeevani—The Horticulture Cell also produces herbs and medicines which are distributed to the needy and the patients from the nearby hospitals. Apart from a plant nursery, the Institute also has a newly constructed Zen Garden and a Spiritual Garden with a panchtatva track and various medicinal and aromatic herbs. The Institute also provides shelter to more than 35 stray dogs, ensures their proper feeding and health and also takes initiative for their adoption.

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Published on: Friday, June 04, 2021, 10:45 PM IST