Imli Sahib gurdwara
Imli Sahib gurdwara

Indore: A place that holds intact an important historical event that formed roots of Sikhism in Indore is Imli Sahib gurdwara. The oldest gurdwara in the city was constructed at the spot where Guru Nanak sat about 451 years ago and sang hymns to bring people on spiritual path.

Today, Imli Sahib gurdwara holds special importance for every seeker as it not only fulfils their wishes but helps them in finding peace and travel the path of spiritual growth. On Guru Ravidas Jayanti every year, this gurdwara is decorated with flowers and the day is celebrated with ‘bhajans’, hymns and distribution of ‘prasad’. This year, on Feb 19, grand celebrations will be organised at Imli Sahib gurdwara to mark the occasion.

Guru’s visit to Indore

It is believed that Guru Nanak visited Indore in 1568 during his second trip across India. On seeing the beautiful tamarind tree on the bank of Kanh river, he stayed under it for a couple of months with his follower Bhai Mardana. Soon, he attracted visitors and followers. A poet Mahipat has mentioned this incident in his book ‘Leela Amrit’.

Surviving the wars and British rule

The state of Madhya Pradesh had often faced threats and wars from different enemies including British. Many palaces and shrines were destroyed during these wars but Imli Sahib gurdwara stayed protected under the care of battalion from Punjab that supported Holkar rulers.

Its architecture

Gurdwara has a traditional design and architecture using marble. While it follows simplistic design, a touch of intricate crisscross designs on marble can be seen that give the gurdwara its ancient feel. Its another distinct feature is underground library and special room known as ‘Bhora Sahib’. A museum showcasing photos and paintings of Guru Nanak lies on the floor above.

Free food 24×7

Following principles of Guru Nanak, the gurdwara distributes free food round the clock everyday. The food brings equality among community members and is prepared by volunteers. Every month, gurdwara distributes grocery goods to 500 widows, according to volunteer Devendra Singh and trustee Manjeet Bhatia.

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