Indore: 20-minute meditation can lead one to a positive zone, says Sri Sri Ravishankar

Indore: Travel to positive thoughts through yoga and this can be done with just 20 minutes of meditation. Citing this Sri Sri Ravishankar addressed spiritual seekers and his followers during the ten-day online Arogya Dhyan Yatra.

The ten-day event has been organised to guide people especially those who fought coronavirus on how to keep the mind and body healthy through pranayam and meditation.

During the programme, yoga practitioners discussed how spirit affects our mind. “When we think positively, we are happy and our energy is channelled. When there is an increase in energy, the body remains healthy, immunity increases,” Ravishankar said.

He added that when we think negatively, energy is destroyed, the mind is sad and the body is adversely affected, which leads to loss of immunity.

“Through pranayam and meditation, we can calm the mind under our control, and stay healthy,” Ravishankar said. He added that by doing regular meditation, slowly, positive thinking becomes a part of behaviour.

“We can understand the cycle of birth and death by calming the mind through our breath. In 20 minutes of meditation, everyone felt a deep peace,” Ravishankar said.

He quoted how meditation can also help in becoming positive. “When our soul energy is low, negativity comes in our thinking, due to which laziness, disease, jealousy, rage, dwesh increase,” Ravishankar said.

Yoga instructor Manoj Rao said, “From Indore, many people connected to the programme and learned techniques of meditation. With coronavirus outbreak, most people are looking at yoga to help in building immunity.”

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