Indore : From now on, if you want to drive any vehicle, you may have to procure a fitness certificate from your eye specialist. With the amendments in Madhya Pradesh Motor Vehicles Rule 1994, the State Transport Department is planning to make eye test mandatory for all those who drive any kind of vehicle.

People will have to carry the eye examination card on them, along with their license and other requisite documents, which driving. As per the draft notification of the amendment, issued on June 22, every vehicle driver will have to go through mandatory eye examination once a year and carry the certificate issued by a medical practitioner with them while driving.

In the certificate, it should be mentioned that the person has not been suffering from any eye disease or night blindness. If he is suffering from any eye disease, the same has been cured with the help of spectacle as prescribed by the medical practitioner.

Also, the driver should be able to differentiate between red and green colours and read the registration number plate of a vehicle from 25 metre distance in daylight.

Along with these, the government has also been planning to give free learning licenses to the women applicants, but didn’t mention about the exemption of fees of permanent licenses. It is to be noted that the Union Government had announced during the annual budget that the driving licenses of women will be made free.

In the amendments, it is also included that every public service vehicle, private service vehicle, contract carriage and vehicles of educational institutions except the vehicle designed and manufactured under rule 128 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, shall have an Emergency door on right side of the vehicle with a size of minimum 50cm by 90 cm. The government has called for the objections over the amendments in 30 days and it will be imposed after the timeline.

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