Sheer Khurma
Sheer Khurma

On Eid Ul-Fitr, it is impossible for any Indian not to crave sweets, especially Sheer Kurma. Indore stands as another example of India where there is unity in diversity.

It is common for every Indori to taste and enjoy Sheer Khurma brought to their homes and offices on Eid. To add a new twist to Eid this year, we have a healthy and must-try recipe for our readers.

This recipe will help you stay cool as Navtapa, the nine hottest days of the year, begin from May 25.

Presenting Thandai flavoured Sheer Kurma.

Health Benefits

· It is an excellent energy booster especially during the summer season in India.

· It aids in digestion and helps in cooling down the body during the season change.

· It often works as a mild natural anti-depressant and helps in improving the mood swings.

How to make Thandai flavoured Sheer Khurma?

· Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, drain the water and keep the rice aside.

· Prepare thandai powder from almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, cardamom, cinnamon and whole black peppercorns by crushing them into a coarse powder and keep aside.

· Soak the saffron and thandai powder separately in lukewarm milk.

· Boil the milk, and when it comes to a boil, reduce the flame and add the rice in the saucepan.

· Keep stirring the kheer until it reduces to one-third of the original quantity. Once done, add sugar or jaggery, condensed milk, cardamom powder, chopped nuts, thandai milk and saffron. Mix everything well and cook the Thandai Kheer for 5 minutes more.

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