Cops, IMC turn a blind eye to illegal parking

Indore Municipal Corporation's three multilevel parking projects in the Eastern part of the city appears to have failed as very few people are using them.

The IMC has spent crores of rupees for constructing the multilevel parking space behind Raghunath Petrol Pump, Marriott Hotel and behind Benchmark Building, but most people are not parking their vehicles there, and the police and IMC are not taking action against illegal parking in these areas.

In a three-part series, Free Press will expose why the projects are proving to be failures.

The parking behind Raghunath Petrol Pump has turned into a headache for the company which took its tender.

The company manager, Manoj Kumar Jawariya, said that the company took over the maintenance and management of the parking space from IMC for 5 years plus 3 years in 2017 and pays Rs 7.5 lakh per quarter to the corporation.

The parking was to provide convenience to the people coming at the offices and buildings present in the area but the people never park their vehicle in the designated parking space and prefer parking vehicles illegally on the road.

Jawariya said that they have written to both the IMC and the traffic police to stop the illegal parking on several occasions, but no action has been taken.

"Due to illegal parking our company is unable to generate proper revenue and we had to reduce staff. At present, there is only a staff of seven people there to manage the four - storyed building,” the manager said.

“The two-wheeler monthly pass is for Rs 200 and four-wheeler pass is for Rs 900. There is space available for 200 cars and more than 1500 two-wheelers but only 20-25 cars get parked and hardly 80-90 two-wheelers get parked”, Jawariya said.

“The company is only able to generate revenue of Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 every month and has to pay Rs 7.5 lakh to IMC in every three months. It is a loss-making venture for the company," he said.

There are signboards outside parking lot, stating that there can be no parking on road in the 100 meters radius around the parking, but people are even parking in front of those signboards! Security guards are also deployed in these illegal parking areas, Jawariya.

“I will tell the concerned officers to take strict actions against illegal parking in the area” ASP (traffic) RS DEVKE

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