Amarjeet Singh Sudan
Amarjeet Singh Sudan

INTRO: They are silent workers – the Angels of Indore – who have been working for uplift of fellow human beings with selfless devotion towards their work. These people have created a niche for themselves in the hearts of people they work for. While some of them might be known faces, most are unknown to the public as they prefer to keep a low profile and just let their work speak for them. To search for these angels, Free Press talked to some of the well known public figures and officials of the city and asked them to nominate someone from the city whose work had inspired them. And they did so willingly. The result that came out is before you all. The angels are from a cross section of people with varied backgrounds, but there is one common line that draws them together – their willingness to do something different and do it with utmost dedication in such a way that they have made a major difference in the lives of the people who received their help.

Amarjeet Singh Sudan: Man who used his turban to cover corpse of naked girl

Whenever anyone sees a poor or mentally ill person wandering on city roads, he only remembers to call the ‘Angel in Turban’ - Amarjeet Singh Sudan.

Sudan has not only shifted many poor and mentally ill patients to hospitals, old age homes and other places where they can be cared for but also performed last rites of thousands of unknown people.

Serving tirelessly for over 50 years, this 64-year-old is an all weather friend for many in need and even for those who once decided to take their life.

“I began serving people at the age of 14 when I spent my pocket money for treatment on an old woman. My father appreciated my efforts, which motivated me to serve more people without expectations,” Sudan said.

Working as the spokesperson of Nagar Suraksha Samiti, Sudan could be seen managing traffic in any part of city or at crematorium performing last rites of an unknown or at any hospital or ashram serving the poor.

“I have everything in my life as I am serving needy. I don’t run an NGO and will not need any. I am living bonus life as my bypass surgery was done 10-years ago. I have devoted myself to service of living and dead,” Sudan told Free Press.

“It was not easy to serve the dead earlier as people named me as a mad Sardar. Even my family took time to understand me. I have had several arguments with my wife because of work I undertook. But they started helping in my work after knowing the respect I get from people,” he added.

On many occasions, policemen give contact number of Sudan to those who inform about abandoned body. Sudan once used his turban to cover corpse of a naked girl before performing her last rites.

Radheshyam Saboo
Radheshyam Saboo

Radheshyam Saboo: Helping the needy at MYH

The 75-year-old retired government officer Radheshyam Saboo is an angel for poor patients and their family members. He not only collects donations and helps patients by bringing medicines, arranging blood and machines but also provides monetary help to families whose breadwinner is bed-ridden.

He has been tirelessly helping patients in MY hospital for last 12 years with the help of an NGO called ‘Parpeeda Har’ by funding their surgeries, bringing medicines, machines and helping them in other tasks.

“I realised the necessity of service and help required in hospitals and treatment after my younger brother passed away at the age of five. He was suffering from jaundice and my father could afford his treatment,” Saboo said. “I was 15-year-old then. So, I can comprehend the need and help people require in hospitals,” he added.

Putting his ideas to action, Saboo created a free blood bank after joining BHEL. “I tried to help patients whenever it was possible during my work,” he said.

After retiring, Saboo has been working for patients at MY hospital. “We donate Rs 5 lakh every month to help the under-privileged. The money is collected by his group. People also donate specially on their birthdays and anniversaries,” he said.

Sameer Sharma
Sameer Sharma

Sameer: A humble servant of human being, nature

He loves to keep a low profile, away from the glare of publicity, but he is a beacon of light for those he helps. Meet Sameer Sharma, a man who is a mentor of youths and start-ups, someone who has the capacity to raise lakhs of rupees for needy patients, who is also an ardent lover of nature.

Aryama Sanyal, Director Devi Ahilybai Holkar Airport, Indore, who recommended his name said. “Sameer is a servant of mankind and nature in the truest sense. His versatile social works are really exemplary.”

Says Sameer, “I carry out my work through a network of volunteers and social media groups for various social actions, like helping people during medical emergencies.” He recently raised Rs 10 lakhs in two days for three major surgeries.

Sameer has planted 30,000 Mango seed saplings under his initiative “Guthli se Aam’, and also runs a moral and spiritual empowerment study circles called ‘Ruhi Books’ to empower youths.

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