A TALE OF TWO PETROL PUMPS: People of Khetia of Madhya Pradesh prefer to buy fuel from Maharashtra

Khetia: Amid a sharp spike in fuel prices across the country, people of Khetia village in Barwani district have some privilege as compared to other people in Madhya Pradesh. They can rush to Maharashtra at any time and get their vehicles refuelled thus saving Rs 2.59 on every litre of petrol and Rs 3.48 in the rates of diesel.

Khetia, a small village in Barwani district is the last village of Madhya Pradesh a portion of which lies in Maharashtra and is known as Khed Digar in Nandurbar district. The population is around 22,000.

Village has three petrol pumps: one petrol pump of Bharat Petroleum and two of Indian Oil. Two Indian Oil petrol pumps are situated just 800 metres apart one of them is situated towards Madhya Pradesh end, while another one is situated on Maharashtra side.

Price of petrol in Madhya Pradesh
Price of petrol in Madhya Pradesh
Price of petrol in Maharashtra
Price of petrol in Maharashtra

At Indian Oil's petrol pump in Madhya Pradesh, the petrol rate on Saturday was Rs 98.26 per litre, while the rate on Indian Oil's petrol pump petrol in Maharashtra was Rs 95.67 per litre with a difference of Rs 2.59 on every litre.

There is also a difference of Rs 3.48 in the rates of diesel where the rate of diesel in Madhya Pradesh is Rs 88.60 per liter, whereas in Maharashtra the rate is 8Rs 5.12 per litre.

Narrating their plight, Suresh Rathore, a resident of Kehtia said, ìWe live in vicinity of Madhya Pradesh where petrol and diesel is costly compared to the area which lies in Maharashtra which is far closer to us. So we prefer to visit Indian Oil petrol pump in Khed Digar situated on the other side of nullah passing through the village and buy fuel in bulk, Rathore said.

Ram Sharma, another villager who has couple of four-wheelers said that every time he visits Maharashtra he always buys gets his fuel tank filled to the brim to save around Rs 70 to 80.

The difference in rates exists even though the fuel pumps are of same company. The Shivraj government recently had removed the cess levied on fuel due to the Covid-19 outbreak but instead increased the VAT, which resulted in no relief to people.

Besides offering a shock to buyers, costly fuel is also giving tough time for petrol pump dealers, especially those in areas adjoining nearby states where the fuel is much cheaper.

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