Ravish Kumar and Zakir Naik
Ravish Kumar and Zakir Naik
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Absconding Indian Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik has said that NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar and other "good non-Muslims" like him who "take side of the Muslims" won't find a place in heaven.

In a Q&A video titled "Dr Zakir Naik on fate of Ravish Kumar who stands for Muslims & Righteous Non Muslims", he was asked, "What will happen to good non-Muslims? We have seen some good-hearted journalists like Ravish Kumar etc. who speak the truth, take side of the Muslims and show the ugly truth of the oppressors. It is not only him, there are many others from different professions who are like him. So what will Allah do to them if they don't die as Muslims as they don't deserve equal punishment like other big wrong-doers?"

Naik said the answer is 'No'. Explaining further, he said that there are different levels of 'Jannah' and all those who go to Jannah will not be on the same level. Just as there are levels in Jannah, there are also levels in the hell, the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and Peace TV said.

Zakir Naik added that those non-Muslims who do good deads will get the reward in this life itself. "Maybe he will get wealth, maybe he will get fame," he added. However, Naik further said that the non-Muslims are committing the major crime of 'shirk' (idol worship) then they will not be able to enter 'Jannah'.

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Meanwhile, as per latest updates in the Delhi violence case, Delhi Police's Special Cell investigation revealed that Khalid Saifi, who was arrested in connection with the riots, met Naik in Malaysia. Saifi is allegedly one of the facilitators of the Delhi Riots and close friends with Umar Khalid and Tahir Hussain.

The details of Khalid Saifi's passport have established that he travelled to several foreign countries to meet people including Zakir Naik, to raise funds for the riots.

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