Jaipur: The youth’s tremendous enthusiasm resulted in record poll for the Lok Sabha election which was held in two phases in the state. The total polling in the two phases was 66.12% and this was 3.02 percent more than the 2014 polling under an intense Modi wave. The youth with their large scale participation accelerates the polling percentage. This we have seen in the 2014 Lok Sabha poll. But, the enthusiasm was not confined to the youth this time and people from all the age groups came to vote in such large number braving scorching sun that was touch 45 degrees Celsius in some places of the state.

In my long experience in handling elections in the state, I never saw such enthusiasm. Its because of the election commission”s effort inspiring everyone to cast their votes. The various media also made an appeal and all this had a collective impact that resulted in the highest polling of all time. In 1952 when the elections were held for the first time in the state the process of election continued for two and a half months when the population was also low.