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Jaipur: Angered by his children’s opposition to his second marriage, a 60-year-old man climbed atop an electricity pole in Dholpur district of Rajasthan.

The man, Sobran Singh, who has five children wants to get married for a second time against his family’s wishes. The man also has several grandchildren.

To get his children to agree to his second marriage, the man climbed an 11 KV electricity pole.

Police said the incident took place in Madha Bhau village, about 25 km from Dholpur, on Sunday but a video of the incident was circulating on social media on Tuesday.

Seeing the man climb the pole, his children and grandchildren got rattled and cried out to neighbours for help. Slowly a large crowd gathered near the pole and coaxed the old man to climb down but he refused to listen.

The old man even caught hold of the high tension line and threatened to commit suicide if his children did not let him get married. Fortunately for him, there was no electricity running through the high tension line when he caught hold of it.

The man’s children called the local sub-station and informed them about the incident and the electricity department immediately cut the power connection.

For almost an hour the crowd tried to reason with the old man. Eventually, a local youth climbed the tower and persuaded the old man to come down.

When some media persons gathered at the spot asked the old man whom he wants to marry, he said, “Get me married to anyone. I just want a companion,” he said.

The man’s wife died four years back and he lives with his three sons. Since some time he has been insisting on a second marriage but his children have been objecting to it.

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