A jawan keeps a vigil along the Srinagar-Leh National highway, 
 in Ganderbal district, J&K, on Thursday.
A jawan keeps a vigil along the Srinagar-Leh National highway, in Ganderbal district, J&K, on Thursday.
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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday asked, “why were our soldiers sent unarmed to martyrdom’ in Galwan valley two days ago.

In a tweet, he asked: “Who is responsible for their deaths? How dare China kill our unarmed soldiers?”

Congress general secretary KC Venugopal and chief spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala said, in a statement, that the sacrifice of the Army personnel in Ladakh on the Indian territory was very painful and the people are angry at the barbaric attack by the Chinese on the unarmed Indian soldiers.

They said the PM and the Defence Minister owe an answer to the nation on five crucial questions:

n Who sent our brave

officers and soldiers to the enemy unarmed?

n Who had issued the order to them to go unarmed?

n Why the armed “backup force” was not kept ready for the security of the unarmed personnel as per the army protocol and why the

backup was not activated?

n Why the government had no advance information or inkling of the Chinese plan to launch the attack?

n Did the Centre failed to

assess the Chinese intention and is it not the symbol of failure of the leadership?

The two Congress leaders said the Army personnel had to pay the price for those beating the drums of “strong leadership” every day.

Why didn’t they retaliate: Capt

Chandigarh: Punjab CM Amarinder Singh on Thursday asked “why no orders to fire at the Chinese were given” in the face of the brutal attack on Indian soldiers in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley and said “somebody failed to do his job out there”. “What were they doing sitting out there while their colleagues were getting killed,” he said.

If the unit was armed, as is being claimed now, the second-in-command should ha­ve ordered firing the moment the commanding officer fell to the Chinese treachery, said Amarinder Singh.

“The nation wants to know why our men did not retaliate in the way they are trained to do, and why they did not open fire if they were carrying arms,” the Punjab CM asked.

Terming the attack horrendous and barbaric, he said soldiers at the front should be “clearly told if they kill one of ours, you kill three of theirs.”

And BJP says: Was part of deal by Congress govt

Our Bureau

New Delhi: BJP national spokesman Dr Sambit Patra, who was down in a Gurugram hospital with COVID-19, is back in action, with his first attack on former Congress President Rahul Gandhi for asking why the Army personnel were sent unarmed to the Chinese camp in Ladakh resulting in 20 casualties. In a press statement, he sought to enlighten Rahul about an agreement with China during the Congress government at the Centre not to use guns, bombs within two km range of the LAC, nor fire shots nor the soldiers to carry any arms.

“So where is the question of sending the soldiers with arms? If Rahul Gandhi does not have this basic information, he is the most irresponsible leader in the country as he must better go through the agreements signed by the Congress governments with China, specially the agreement done in 1996,” Dr Patra said. He said Rahul’s tweets on the Monday night clash in the Galwan Valley only show his immaturity to blow up without proper study.

He asked Rahul to let the nation know who he trusts if he is not ready to trust the country’s PM, defence minister and its Army. Better if Rahul stops his politics of propaganda and learns an attack on the PM is an attack on the country as Modi is not the PM of the BJP but the PM of the country, the PM of all including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, he asserted.

Patra said the PM has already convened an all-party meeting on the Galwan development on Friday and as such Rahul should have waited for it instead of mounting the negative politics. Reminding Rahul it is not India of 1962, he said the Modi government will achieve the victory over all three Cs — China, Corona and Congress.

“Our government will not only win over Corona, but also over China and the Congress. Let Rahul not make irresponsible statements to draw curtains on the historic blunders of his grandfather (Nehru),” he said, adding, instead of saluting the soldiers who achieved martyrdom fighting the Chinese, Congress leaders are raising questions on their bravery, not noting they also inflicted harm on the Chinese soldiers, killing 43 of them.

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