'Except Modiji, no one in BJP follows Netaji’s ideology'

Aritra Singha spoke to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s grandnephew Chandra Bose who expressed his discontent over several issues and said except PM Modi, no one else in the BJP followed Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's ideology... excerpts

Q: In the recent past, you have been extremely vocal against your party. Is there any specific reason for it?

A: I firmly believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows the ideology of Netaji but apart from him the rest doesn’t seem to follow Netaji’s ideology. Netaji believed in religious unity but now due to communal approach, BJP's dream of forming government in Bengal was not achieved. They should also prioritize the minorities and listen to their problems. The BJP even failed to understand Bengali sentiments.

Q: Do you think that BJP’s alleged communal agenda led to the poll debacle?

A: I won’t say communal issue but yes the minorities should be given equal priority. Modi had passed Triple Talaq bill that is a relief for Muslim women and if the saffron camp would have emphasized more on minorities then BJP could have won.

Q: So are you planning to quit BJP?

A: Despite several attempts I could meet the PM Without Modiji’s permission, I don’t want to take any decision of quitting the party. After quitting Forward Bloc, I had joined BJP as I was told that I will be given a platform to preach the works of Netaji.

Q: In case you leave BJP, which party are you thinking of joining?

A: Both Forward Bloc and Trinamool had approached me but I am not thinking about anything now at least not before meeting Modi. I want to work for people. I have given several ideas to BJP but none was implemented.

Q: So did BJP give you the platform to preach Netaji’s work?

A: In 2016, when I had expressed my views that I would open Azad Hind Party, Modi wanted me to join BJP and through an Azad Hind Morcha wanted me to promote Netaji. But that promise has not been kept yet and on the contrary despite making me the state’s vice-president of the party, I wasn’t given any job to connect with people. Every time, I talk abo­ut the opening of the platform they say they will open soon.

Q: You said Modi follows Netaji’s ideology? Do you have any specific urge from him?

A: I want him to rename Red Fort as Netaji Fort. Modi had named the islands of Andaman after Netaji and also hoisted the national flag at Red Fort on October 21. He had started declassifying Netaji files. Now he should declare Red Fort as Netaji fort this year on October 21.

Q: Do you approve Centre’s decision of calling Netaji’s birthday as Parakram Diwas?

A: Parakram is one aspect of Netaji and January 23 should be called Desh Prem Diwas. Every political party is just exploiting the name of Netaji. Not just Netaji but most of the saints.

Q: Did you like the way Netaji’s 125 th birthday celebration was conducted in Victoria Memorial Hall?

A: I liked it and the Centre had spent a lot for the program. The only thing I didn’t like is during the anthem of Azad Hind Government ‘Subh Sukh Chain’ nobody stood up to show respect.

Q: Why did you resign as BJP Bengal vice-president?

A: Post was just given for the sake of it. Actually, I was not given any duty or chance to reach out to people and work for them.

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