Steam inhalation: A remedy which can help protect you from COVID-19

Mumbai: Ever since the novel coronavirus pandemic entered our world, sanitizing hands, wearing masks and social distancing, have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. And, since the outbreak, there have been numerous reports and studies suggesting different health remedies suggesting how best to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19 and improve overall well-being.

It is said people with weak immune system are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. And, experts across the globe are advising and urging people to power up their immunity, so that their chances of contracting the virus becomes low.

Since coronavirus attacks the respiratory tract, many health experts have been recommending steam inhalation to clear up the respiratory tract so that the chances of contracting the virus reduces. Nilesh Jogal, Founder of Jogi Ayurved Hospital in Surat, Gujarat claims that simple steam inhalation for two minutes, twice a day has prevented his entire staff from getting infected with COVID-19.

A video of Jogal recently went viral on social media, in which he is seen sharing insights into the simple remedy. He speaks about how his entire staff began taking steam inhalation, and till date has not been infected with the virus despite being in direct touch with COVID-19 patients. Since the beginning of May till today, the hospital has admitted over 4,000 corona positive patients, but none of his staff members have either developed any symptom or contracted COVID-19 so far. According to Jogal, it’s the steam inhalation, which kept his entire staff away from the deadly virus.

“The practise is very simple. You need to inhale the plain water steam by your nostrils and exhale from the mouth. This you need to do ten times. Inhale from the nostrils and exhale from the mouth and vice versa,” he advises. The entire process hardly takes two to three minutes.

Jogal says there is no need to add anything in the water. And, in case you want to give the water an aromatic touch, you can add carrom seeds (ajwain) or eucalyptus oil, otherwise plain water is enough. On the basis of personal experience and experiment, Jogal claims the practice of steam inhalation is efficient in providing much-needed protection against coronavirus.

According to Jogal, many people, workplaces and even hospitals have adopted the practice of steam inhalation, and he says he has received only positive responses so far.

Jogal further says even doctors across India are supporting this remedy. If people in India begin steam inhalation twice a day on regular basis for 30 days, it will be difficult to find even a single corona positive patient in the country, concludes Jogal.

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