Electronic dance music festival Tomorrowland is in progress and the world is expectedly going crazy. Uniting fans and music-lovers across the globe, Tomorrowland has it all. The tiny town of Belgium, Boom has come a long way with its unforgettable event. Tomorrowland’s popularity has exploded since it launched in 2005 and now it is unstoppable. It stretches over two weekends and usually sells out in minutes. On from July 20-22 and from July 27-29, 2018, the legendary dance music festival will welcome 400,000 visitors in total this year. The theme this year explores ‘The Story of Planaxis’, a music clef redesigned to look like a shell and faint drawings of a squid and seahorse. This year’s theme will take attendees on a magical journey under the sea. The concept of Planaxis is believed to revolve around the underwater city of Atlantis.

Tomorrowland! Groove to the world’s largest EDM fest

Sankalp Agrawal from Raipur, who has attended the festival thrice, enthuses, “It’s an unforgettable experience. The sound, the visuals and the sheer size of the festival; it’s like no other place that I have ever been to.”

Tomorrowland! Groove to the world’s largest EDM fest

Top Attractions

The world’s best DJs and EDM juggernauts such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Above & Beyond to name a few, play to frenzied crowds. Tomorrowland’s main stage has become an icon in itself and its ambitious designs each year help to make the festival venue instantly recognisable around the world. The deep thumping bass follows you around the small town of Boom and the park hosting the event. The alleyways are full of happy festival-goers walking and dancing. As night falls, the lights from the stage and the colourful street artists create a magical atmosphere.

“Tomorrowland is a big, big party! The craze is all about the music you are into. Top DJs from around the world play all day and people from more than 50 countries come together. Its main attraction is DreamVille and how they design the entire place. It’s a different culture out there,” recounts Sparsh Goel from Raipur, who is currently at the festival.

Tomorrowland! Groove to the world’s largest EDM fest

Surreal DreamVille

Around 38,000 visitors per weekend stay at the festival’s camping site DreamVille, which is the size of 128 soccer pitches. DreamVille offers everything from regular tents to private cabanas with sauna and 24-hour reception for the weekend. It also features its own bakery, hair salon, laundry bar and workout facility. In short, DreamVille could tempt you to chuck the idea of the festival altogether and just stay in and chill all day! There is so much to explore that you name it and it has it.

“I have been dreaming of it. I just hope I survive a full day of continuous rave! Can’t wait to have the Tomorrowland band on my wrist and start with the madness,” adds Sparsh who is super-excited to be a part of this iconic music festival.
It’s all about enjoying life to the fullest without having to compromise… along with being responsible for the generation of tomorrow and respecting each other and Mother Nature. Party on, Tomorrowland!