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'Salman Khan had told me the first day that he would offer me a song,' says recently evicted Bigg Boss contestant Akasa Singh

The artiste, now wiser, is looking forward to many new exciting career possibilities

Akasa Singh was offered to participate in Bigg Boss at least four to five times before she finally agreed to do it. Known for her calm and cool nature, she steered clear of any controversies inside the house. Excerpts from a conversation.

Having been evicted, are you missing the Bigg Boss House and your friends?

I’m getting used to the environment outside Bigg Boss. I have not gotten out of bed since yesterday. Feeling weird because when you spend 24 hours with a few people continuously, talk to them regularly but now can’t even talk to them, so it really feels odd. It will take some time for me to adjust to the outside world.

What do you have to say about Bigg Boss Season 15?

I did not watch the show regularly before going inside the house. There are a very interesting set of people inside. Different characters and in this season, everyone showed their full aggression that came out knowingly or unknowingly. None were ready to accept defeat. Each one is a fighter in the show.

You were calm and poised, not a fighter cock, so you got evicted. Elaborate? Are you the same in real life?

In reality, I fight for the right things. Here without any cause, I didn’t prefer interfering. My family life and the lifestyle that I spent in real life is different. I have never lived in a situation like this where they are playing with the feelings of each other. Also, the contestants are not being honest. They show something on your face and then play games behind your back. For me, relationships and feelings of the people are above all.

Also, I realised here in the house that speaking on top of the voice wasn’t my cup of tea. Especially when no one is ready to listen to you. I couldn’t tolerate four people shouting without being bothered to hear what I had to say. Hence I would preferably go behind and sit down quietly.


Do you consider yourself to be a misfit? Will you prepare yourself next time if called again?

Definitely, I think I will have to do a few reality shows and then join BB again. People asked me that despite being such a bubbly person in real life, why did I get into a cocoon? Actually, I didn’t like the conversations, behaviour and treatment towards me by a few of the players. When I started talking to Pratik (Sehajpal) I was told, “Pratik and Miesha (Iyer) are jointly planning to use you.” Though, I never have experienced such things as I have grown in a protective zone.

I would get affected hearing all that. On my face, people addressed me as sister, and behind my back, if we were playing games, I just couldn’t digest it. I hold my values above all. I can’t remain angry with anyone. I extend my love towards all. But if they show double standards, I feel I should stop talking to them or ignore them. I do this even in real life, but in this house, I couldn’t do this. When I started talking to Pratik slowly, I realised his intentions were very clear. We both had our backs for each other.


Will Pratik miss you, or will you miss him?

I hope he doesn’t miss me too much. He should remain strong. More than anything else, I fought with him for this reason- that why do you come into the line of being a bad boy. If I leave, you will sit alone. So why don’t you strengthen your bond with everyone? Definitely, I felt bad to be evicted at a time when our bond was becoming strong.

Your friendship with Miesha broke. Any comments?

Miesha and I couldn’t continue our friendship because when Ieshaan Sehgaal came into the picture, the distance increased automatically. I had cleared that Pratik is my friend and asked her, “Hope you don’t feel bad and she made it clear that she’s fine with our friendship. She knows how to play games, and I’m not a game player.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Who comes to mind when we say this?

Pratik. Our friendship is precious. I felt this human being cared for me, so why won’t I be his friend? For me, friendship is being there for that person no matter what. I tried to carry forward my friendship with Karan (??), but he had a problem with my closeness to Pratik.

What are your future films as a singer?

I have sung many songs, but I forget about them as they get confirmed only after they are selected. I have acted in the past, and I miss doing it. I would love to act in Punjabi films. I kept getting acting offers, but I focused on singing. I guess I’m ready for a change now.

Will you sing if Salman Khan offers you a song in SKF?

Yes, definitely! Salman had told me the first day that he would offer me a song, and at the eviction, he said, “You missed singing one song as you were inside the BB house. But we will work on the next song soon.

Are you game to re-enter the house as a wild card entry?

I really miss a few of the housemates and hence, would like to go as a wild card entry.


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Published on: Tuesday, November 02, 2021, 07:00 AM IST