10 Hilarious moments in ‘PM Narendra Modi Biopic’ that will make you go ROFL

PM Narendra Modi released today right when the party has won the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The film which is allegedly a biopic is supposed to share Modi’s journey from a Chaiwala to the Prime Minister of India. Directed by Omung Kumar the film stars Vivek Oberoi as the leading character Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Even though the film is supposed to document the inspirational story and events from his life, the film does share some hilarious moments, intentionally or unintentionally. While the acting skills, sloppy director and the mushy screenplay does not keep you engaged, these top 10 hilarious moments is the film will save you from falling asleep.

Right before the final Banaras rally, BJP is informed that Pakistan has sent terrorists to attack Modi and bomb the rally location. In spite of the threat he heads to the rally where he inspires people into wearing his faced mask so that the security can find the terrorist who he is sure will not be wearing the masks.

And before he manages to get them caught, Modi faces serious threat. Just when the terrorist is about to throw a grenade at him on stage, he flips a very huge lever to reveal the one speaking on stage is a holographic projection and introduces more to confuse the terrorist.

When Vivek’s look for the film was released, everyone took a jibe at the overly done fake nose but what’s even more laugh worthy in the film, is his fake stiff lip that makes it hard for the actor to speak and for you to ignore, and the bald cap that is so visible in scenes that they either had to blur it post production. The CGI used in the film justifies why the film was shot so quickly, and how they managed to get it ready for a quick release. Scenes where the makers have used green screen are as visible as the bright sky is to naked eye.

The film introduces a corrupt journalist who only want to bring down Modi’s public image when he approaches the Muslim community, and asks if they feel safe in Gujarat after the riots and if they think Modi will support their minority. The whole street goes silent only to violently start chanting ‘Modi’ repeatedly to chase him down the street.

Modi’s life and his career has been in danger numerous times in the film, and all of them have been conspiracies against which were also instigated by Pakistan. Every time he took a big leap to do something good, the neighbouring country sends its terrorists and at times even armed officers to kill him. They wouldn’t mind leaving the country alone but they will kill Modi.

A police officer recites the death count post riots in the film by bifurcating them as men women, kids and even Hindu and Muslim, which upsets Modi. He asks the officer to not insult them anymore in death by naming them by religion which makes you want to praise him, hope that he says they are human and leave them be, but instead what we get is another bifurcation, “They are my people, my Gujarati’s.”

So at times in the film, the whole idea is that Modi observers and learn which he uses in his life to do better. There are scene where a film inspires him, Charcha (discussion) during chai educates him and then there is one moment that left us all holding our bellies while laughing. In case of possible riots happening, Modi tensed in yelling at his secretary Joshi that he needs to talk to NSD commandos, the state police, neighbouring states for help and more when at the exact same moment a sadhu walks towards him and stops him from creating more chaos and suggests one simple solution in the most derogatory tone, “logo se baat karo.”

Modi left his life behind to take on the like of a yogi for another yogi to send him back to civilization. How does he determine Modi is a born leader, you ask? Modi plants a few trees and offers him a knife from the holder side pointing the sharp edge to himself.

After becoming the CM of Gujarat, during celebration when Modi gets dissed at, for spending all his time at the party with common people when party members and other dignitaries are waiting to have a word with him, Modi reminds them that his Party’s name is Bharatiya ‘Janta’ Party.

Rap in the movies has become very common thanks to Gully Boy, even PM Modi has one, titled Namo Namo which plays at the most unexpected moment. When a clever facade saves him and his men from getting arrested, it’s when they pretend to carry a dead body out a building and the rap blasts in the background.

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