BHOPAL: A five-day ‘Aero modelling workshop’ is underway on the premises of Regional Science Centre, Shyamla Hills.  Being organised by the Centre, it is held from 11.30am to 4.30pm. The first day of workshop was initiated with a Power Point presentation in which the principles of flying, aero-dynamics and parts of an aircraft and their functions were elaborated to students along with a live demo with a thermocol GLIDER.

These gliders had Fuselage, Wings, Horizontal stabiliser, vertical stabiliser, Elevator, Rudder, Aileron etc. Elevator is the part of the aeroplane which helps the aircraft for pitching or going up or coming down. Rudder is the part which helps the aircraft in Yawing i.e turning left or right. Aileron is the part of the aeroplane which helps the aircraft for rolling.

Besides these, today each student individually prepared a Rotocopter, Hoopster and a Paper Plane. Next they will prepare thermocol gliders using high density thermocol.

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