Rebel MLAs
Rebel MLAs

BHOPAL: What Kamal Nath desired the most will come true on Saturday. However the fulfilment of desire will not serve the desired purpose as the rebel Congress MLAs including 16 hostages and six ex-ministers are all set to return from Bengaluru on Saturday.

Kamal Nath had hoped that he will win back the rebel MLAs who owed and showed their loyalty to the Maharaja. When hopes of their arrival for Nath’s rescue fizzled out Nath resigned in the wake of SC ruling asking him to face a floor test before 5 pm on Friday.

According to sources Congress rebel ex-MLAs may join BJP on Saturday.

Ex-MLAs expressed their joy that ‘Maharaja’ Jyotiraditya Scindia’s work has been accomplished.

The high voltage political drama in the state which had started from March 2 ended on Friday.

Congress alleged all the while that its 22 MLAs including six ministers were held captivate by the BJP leaders in Bengaluru. Later the speaker accepted the resignations of six ministers

Much to the dismay of the Congress the 16 plus six MLAs kept on claiming that they are camping in Bengaluru on their wish and that they have not been kidnapped.

An ex-MLA Endal Singh Kansana informed Free Press that they are happy as the work of Maharaja has been accomplished and now they will return to Bhopal on Saturday.

He also added that they will announce about their opinion on joining the BJP on Saturday.

Ex- MLA from Ashoknagar Jajpal Singh expressed his feeling on social media, on his facebook account he wrote he ‘Tera tuj ko arpan kya lage mera’ and stated that he has also played a small part in toppling the Nath government.

He added that he is grateful that he also became the part of the Maharaj task which reached its final destination.

On colluding Maharaj: Till Thursday afternoon, Kamal Nath refused to capitulate, claiming to in an interview that he was in "secret talks" with the 22 rebel MLAs from his party who were getting some forced R&R at a resort in faraway Bengaluru where they had been transported after the leader they pledge allegiance to, Jyotiradtiya Scindia, pole vaulted from the Congress to the BJP. It was clear then that Scindia had the power to bring down Kamal Nath's government. At his presser today, Kamal Nath, referred caustically to the betrayal by a "Maharaj", accepting that it was Scindia whose collusion with the BJP has forced him out from power. Scindia had publicly signalled his anger and distress at being denied his due after he had buried his differences with Kamal Nath and Singh to work for a Congress win in the state election in December 2018. Congress had done particularly well in the Gwalior-Chambal belt (winning 26 of 34 seats) which is considered a Scindia bastion. Yet, when it came to the spoils of office, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh ganged up and denied Scindia any political space. Kamal Nath had a mere 15-month run before Scindia cut a path to the BJP and teamed with Shivraj Singh Chouhan to plot the big move including creating a political holding space in Bengaluru, governed by the BJP's BS Yediyurappa who himself returned to office in Karnataka after pulling down a Congress alliance in the state last year.

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