Updated on: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 12:19 AM IST

Madhya Pradesh: All India Tiger & Co-predator Prey and Habitat Estimate 2022

Tiger’s presence increases, satellite imagery used extensively

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Initial indications recorded during All India Tiger and Co-predator Prey and Habitat Estimate 2022 hint at tiger’s presence in more number of beats compared to previous estimate exercise.

“This is encouraging but one should not conclude anything on this basis. Anything concrete could only be said after conclusion of all the phases,” said Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (wildlife) Alok Kumar.

More than 15,000 forest officials are engaged in this exercise held every four years. The field staff has been trained well to carry out the entire exercise in a manner that no signs of presence of animals are left out.

Phase one of exercise concluded on November 23 and covered 2600 out of total 8852 beats. The survey included counting of signs of carnivores and herbivores that includes pug marks, scratches on trees and ground, spray and fecal remains.

“The estimate exercise grows more scientific every year. This year, the total exercise is being conducted on MStripes mobile app that works offline as well. Moreover, extensive use of satellite imagery in various forms is being used to ascertain presence of animals,” said PCCF Kumar.

Phase two is conducted by the scientists using satellite imagery. Movement of animals is trapped in cameras in the third phase.

This year, forest department has made a strategy to cover maximum part of the forest. For this a team of 13 experts was formed who trained the field staff and are helping the field staff conduct entire exercise smoothly. They also provide solution to small problems that arise in day to day operations.

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Published on: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 12:19 AM IST