Heavy rush of passengers in trains shows that migrants have started moving from other cities.
Heavy rush of passengers in trains shows that migrants have started moving from other cities.

BHOPAL: The spread of the coronavirus is a grave concern for the district administration, but it appears that the residents are unwilling to pay heed to any pleas to stay indoors. Taking advantage of the exemptions granted to persons associated with a few sectors, there are people who roam about the streets without any reason. This is happening at a time when Bhopal has become one of the worst-hit cities in the state.

On Wednesday, the Talaiya police booked 50 persons who had assembled inside a religious place. The police also booked the head of the religious place for organising the gathering. When the cops received information, they reached the spot and booked all those who had congregated under Section 188 of the IPC.

There is no square or prime road in Bhopal where a large number of vehicles do not pass through, especially in the peak hours of the day and evening. Even in Kolar, where the corona curfew was imposed a few days ahead of the lockdown being extended to the whole city, one could find a traffic jam-like situation due to the rush of commuters.

The police have booked 1,400 people for violating the night curfew and corona curfew in the past 25 days. Also, over 7,000 people have been fined for not wearing masks in public. Nearly 1,000 fines for violating mask norms are also being levied by Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) daily.

But, still, the people are taking the situation lightly. The maximum number of curfew violations is recorded in the Jahangirabad, Aishbagh, Awadhpur, Ayodhya Nagar, Talaiya, Shahpura and Kolar areas.

Station platforms are like sardine tins
Station platforms are like sardine tins

Drone cameras

The Bhopal police are also monitoring the roads using drone cameras. But, so far, the exercise has yielded no results as, by the time they get the feed of any gathering in any area, the violators have already left the place. Only the persons found by the police teams are taken action against

Kolar checking

On Tuesday, senior police officials, including the superintendent of police (SP), South, Sai Krishna Thota, visited Kolar—the worst-hit zone in terms of the number of corona cases—to check vehicles and they spoke to the commuters and sent back home all of those who were riding vehicles and moving around without any reason

Taking advantage

The police have put up barricades all over the place, but, due to exemptions from curfew granted by the district administration to a few sectors, others are taking advantage of the loophole and needlessly coming out onto the roads

‘The only way...’

SP Sai Krishna says there is no mechanism to identify persons who are travelling with or without a reason. ‘The only thing we can do is to stop the vehicles and check with the individual his or her reason for travelling,’ says the officer

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