Bhopal: Kamal Nath new found  love for cow, private gaushalas under lens

Bhopal: The government, after putting cow welfare in its priority, is now going to tighten its noose around those who run gaushalas merely for receiving grant. As many as 614 private gaushalas in the state will come under scanner as many are merely running for name and for the grant. The government is now prepared to put a tab on such fake gaushalas and initiate probe against them.

Animal husbandry minister Lakhan Singh Yadav on Wednesday said several people are taking grant in the name of gaushalas. While some cowsheds have only a few cattle, there are others where dairy business is being carried out under the guise of gaushalas for receiving grant, he added. The registration of private gaushalas would be checked and due process to start a cowshed would also be drafted, said Yadav. “Gaushalas should be set up to save cows and not for personal interests,” he said.

District collectors have also been asked to identify land for setting-up 1000 gaushalas. The areas where cows are seen on roads in maximum numbers would be given preference in setting up government Gaushalas. Fulfilling one of the promises made in its ‘Vachan Patra’, the government on Tuesday had decided to open 1000 gaushalas across the state in next four months. The government claimed that more than one lakh bovine will be given shelter at these gaushalas.

Free Press Journal