Bhopal: Despite the regular visit of Health minister Tulsi Silawat, the sanitation and the hygiene are not up to the mark in JP Hospital—district hospital. Minister Silwat had given strict instructions to maintain proper hygiene in Hospital as it has to be upgraded as far as better medical facilities are concerned in the state capital.

Stray dogs, which rules the roost, still can be seen roaming in hospital building even in front of hospital staffs but no one drive them out from hospital building. Stray dogs keep on roaming from dust –bins to hospital building but no one stop them. Stray canines can be seen tugging the heap of garbage found scattered outside the dust bins or canes.

The same canines keep on roaming in hospitals giving the scope of spreading various infections. However, staffs have been pressed into job to maintain proper sanitation and hygiene but it needs extra care and attention. CMHO Dr NU Khan said, “We try our level best in maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene in hospital as well as in hospital premises.

But people should also cooperate. Actually, we provide everything free of cost so the visitors do not understand the value of it. Still they spit on wall, corner of water cooler. Even the visitors steal plastic taps. Such kind of practice they do not do in private hospitals as they pay fee for it. So, the visitors should be accountable and realize their responsibility toward the hospital and cooperate with administration.”

As far as water tanks are concerned we have pulled up staffs who have been assigned and asked them to clean them and report it, CMHO said, adding, “We have asked the staff that if they regularly clean the water tanks as they used to claim, how they become dirty. We ensure that there must be regular monitoring of water coolers and tanks inside hospital and within premises of the hospital. We can provide better service and facilities provided visitors and people cooperate.”

Spitting marks

Wall and corners of water coolers soiled with marks of spitting too are an indication of the mismanagement. In medicine distribution window, water cooler frame has been turned into a place for spitting. Despite regular brooming, such things have not been rectified. Guards and others staff deployed in hospital do not object to those spitting on walls.