Vallabh Bhawan Bhopal
Vallabh Bhawan Bhopal

BHOPAL: First female Covid positive case was reported from the Vallabh Bhawan on Thursday. She is the second positive patient from building number one, with this tally from Vallabh Bhawan has reached 20.

The lady used to work on the fourth floor in General Administration Department. This floor will be sanitised and colleagues working in the department have been advised to get tested.

The employee organization has said that it seemed that women employees were taking adequate precautions till date and were safe but now they too need to remain aware. It has now asked the administration to sanitise the houses of afflicted people as well.

Ten out of total 20 Covid positive patients from Vallabh Bhawan have recovered while six are under treatment. Two Covid positive could not survive. First corona patient was found in the month of May while seven were tested positive in June. Twelve have been tested positive till date in the month of July. Seven employees are quarantined at present.

About 70 staffers from Vallabh Bhawan are waiting for their samples to be collected.

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