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Essential work relations

I am a 22-year-old boy working in media for the last one year. I am serving my notice period and would be soon joining another firm. I understand this industry works on contacts a lot and that I have to gel well with people around me. However, it seems not all are meant to be interacted with and this causes anxiety within as to who do I maintain a healthy distance from and at the same time not lose on social relations.

Ans: Usually people give out certain ways in which they function, which could be a good indicator for you to understand how they are likely to be in a professional set up. The key is to be observant about people rather than being vary of them. You might not find everyone who is worthy of being associated with, however, in order to be associated with only the best of the people, you might come across few crooks and dishonest people. So, not letting such experiences be dejection, rather a lesson, can help you to be less anxious.

Exam and anxiety

I am a 29-year-old working at a chartered accountancy firm at a junior post. I am giving my attempt at Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. This is my 1st attempt and I am very apprehensive. I have requested for a leave and my boss is considerate. However, I have heard that if one doesn’t clear this exam then there is difficulty in advancing further in this firm. I really wish to work here. What do I do?

Ans: You are at present thinking in a parallel manner about whether you will be able to pass and also about your future at this firm. The priority at present needs to be the exam, so that your focus doesn’t waver and you aren’t left with compromised efforts. Your result will depend on how you give the exam thus, the less you are stressed about the future outcomes; the better would be focus which is the need of the hour. Make the most of the leave and give in your best possible attempt so that you aren’t left with any regrets later.

Work without guilt

I am 23-year-old girl hailing from a small town, living with three roommates in a rented apartment. I teach dance in an academy and I am good at what I do. The problem arises when I have to explain people who I live with about my work as they feel it is not a respectable job compared to theirs. I contribute equally in household finances and never have been late for rent. I don’t understand how do I defend my profession and be happy staying there as I have to survive six more months, before I can move out.

Ans: You believing in your own work and profession are very essential in the first place before someone else can be convinced about the value of your work. As far as defending your profession is concerned, if these people are finding it difficult to understand you despite your efforts, it is alright to let go of the expectation. Your happiness is independent of how others view your profession and the sooner this realisation sets in, easier it will be for you to co-exist in the same environment with the others until you can move out.

Family vs the future

I am 26-year-old boy working two jobs at a time. I have my mother and a younger brother to support. I recently got a job offer in Goa which takes care of financials very well. This is going to be life changing, but I am quite unsure as to how things will be managed when I am not around. Work is really essential and I won’t be able to find another such job here very easily. Am I panicking a lot and I am on the verge of making an error that is going to cost me a lot later in life?  

Ans: I understand the worry you have regarding the responsibilities at home towards your mother and brother. Since you know this job is quite lucrative and can resolve your issue to a great extent, while your physical absence is something everyone needs to get used to. Considering this change as a part of progress in life could help reduce the unsurety. Along with this handling the responsibilities to your mother and brother as per their capabilities could be start and for certain other things arranging for help can also be an option. Your fear and protectiveness might limit your perception as to how they will manage in your absence. Thus, keeping aside your fear and considering only the pros of this new job, if the decision of taking it up seems a good one, do take it up.

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