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B-Tech student plans fake robbery to loot his father of Rs 4 lakh to finance a gym


A B-Tech student was arrested by police in Noida for staging a fake robbery to steal Rs. 4 lakh from his father. The 23-year-old boy wanted to finance his gymnasium, and thus reported police about a fake robbery incident in which he was looted of Rs. 4 lakh by unknown people.

The accused Shivam Mavi, reported to police on September 8 that he was robbed by seven armed men, who attacked him in his car and also tried to loot his Toyota Fortuner SUV. However, the police on Monday cracked his fake robbery plan and arrested him. The boy is a civil engineering student from a private university in Nodia.

“The man was bringing Rs 4 lakh from his uncle in Loni and was on his way to Noida, when he called the police and claimed that he was robbed by several armed men. His Fortuner car was recovered a kilometre away from the alleged scene of crime. The police, on the basis of eyewitness statements, found that the money was not robbed but handed over to the his friends by him,” Vaibhav Krishna, senior superintendent of police (SSP), Ghaziabad, told Hindustan Times.

The police also informed that Shivam called one of his friends to handover the money. “The cash was kept in a polythene bag. Shivam arrived around 12 noon at the alleged scene of crime, where his friend was already waiting. After his friend left, the accused called up his uncle about the ‘robbery’ and his uncle in turn called the police,” an officer from Loni police station said.

The FIR, which was first lodged as robbery case, has now been converted to case of cheating, criminal breach of trust and producing false evidence. The police came to know about Shivam’s plan when they questioned his friend. They police got contradictory statements through both and then deduced the plot.

“Shivam had claimed that three men looted his car and thrashed him before taking away his car and cash. Then, four more men arrived and told the other three to hurry up and leave the spot. We got a medical test conducted, but it proved that the man received no injuries during the alleged incident,” the officer said.

During the investigation, police also came to know that Shivam wanted to open a gym but his father refused to finance him. “The accused owed Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,000 to two of his friends. Before calling the police, Shivam gave Rs 4 lakh to one of his friends and asked him to deduct his Rs 5,000 and hand over the balance to the other friend. The entire amount was recovered from the Noida house of his second friend. The two friends have not been accused in the case, as they had no knowledge of the fake robbery plan,” SSP Krishna said.