UK PM Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson has plans to resign as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) since he has been complaining about his 'low salary' for a while, British media reported, citing sources at the Conservative Party.

According to a report by 'The Daily Mirror', Johnson has been "privately complaining that he cannot live on a PM’s salary" and thinks that he can at least pull double the figure that he currently receives.

For those interested, UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson receives a salary of £150,402 a year. He is said to be "jealous" of his predecessor Theresa May, who has hauled in more than £1 million on public lectures since quitting as the Prime Minister last year.

However, the report mentions that Boris Johnson is looking to key in another six months in office to smooth over the Brexit process and steer UK through the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) threat, after which he will be looking to resign.

Britain officially left the EU on Jan 31, but remains part of its economic structures until Dec 31. The two sides have been trying to strike a deal on trade and other relations before then, but months of talks have been stalled on the issue of fishing and rules to ensure fair competition.

Johnson had earlier, before taking on the mantle of the Prime Minister of the UK, earned as much as £160,000 in one month from two speeches. The report suggests that this has left him thinking that the salary of the Prime Minister might be a bit underwhelming compared to what he could potentially earn from other sources.

Johnson possibly has a financial urgency due to the need to pay his ex-wife Marina Wheeler a significant part of his earnings as alimony, as well as for supporting at least six children of his, some of who are very young, like his 7-year-old son Wilfred.

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