What’s on the cards? Here’s what Tarot Card readings for the period July 23 to August 6 for all zodiac signs suggest

What’s on the cards? Here’s what Tarot Card readings for the period July 23 to August 6 for all zodiac signs suggest

Karma says: “What goes around comes around.” Change is evident Everything is temporary and moving

Gita HarianiUpdated: Saturday, July 22, 2023, 10:30 PM IST

Universal Theme for the next 15 days: Wheel of Fortune 

Karma says: “What goes around comes around.” Change is evident Everything is temporary and moving. 


Seven Of Swords: Lies and Deception

Ariens beware! Can you smell lies and deception around you? Or are you being sneaky about something? Are you finding shortcuts and cutting corners? Be honest! Are you trying to escape from some situation by lying? Time will force you to confront your worst fears and take the right path. No shortcuts! Sometimes you just have to be brave and face what is in front of you. That is the true path. Also, keep an eye on the people around you. Proof lies in the pudding everything else is hearsay. 


Seven of cups: Multiple choices, overthinking, being delusional, procrastination

The coming 15 days may throw up multiple choices for you. Take stock as this won’t be there for too long. Choose wisely and quickly. Do not overthink. Do not procrastinate. This time could throw up many things that you may feel confused. Your mind will race in many directions. Slow down, have faith and belief in yourself and tackle your issues one by one. 


Justice: Truth, justice, karma, legal contracts

This period signifies a fair decision will be made. Everything will happen in balance and equilibrium. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly. Karmic justice will be dealt with in many situations. Legal matters, court cases, etc, may need attention and may be resolved satisfactorily. This is usually a favourable card. Integrity and truth above all! It may also be an indication that you have to weigh your options in balance before you make any decisions. Relationships could be legalised like marriage, partnerships, etc.


The Moon: Plagued with self-doubt, emotions, occult forces

Are you overthinking, stressed, plagued with excessive emotions, or feeling depressed? Is your mood being uplifted or depressed like the waxing and waning of the moon? This period urges you to move from self-doubt and listen closely to your intuition. If you feel something or someone is off then it probably is. Do not fear, trust your intuition, don’t give in to erratic behaviour, control your impulses and everything will work out in good time. The Moon card can also be a weeding process to remove those who don’t serve our highest good. It’s a sensitive time. Music can be a balm to your soul. Shut yourself a bit. 


Six of Swords: Travel, gradual change, healing

This period will symbolise travel, especially to international lands. You will feel at peace almost like a big decision has been made, or you have ended a chapter that doesn’t serve you and are ready to move to the next. You are a bit uncertain and a bit anxious but in your heart, you know this change and movement is for your highest good. It's a period of healing and finding hope. There is happiness on the horizon, move on. There is hope in the air. This card represents the restoration of good health and healing.


Six of Pentacles: Gifts, charity and compassion, fair exchange

A time when you will receive a fair exchange or remuneration for your work. A fair price if you are buying or selling an asset or service. You could also be the recipient of someone’s generosity be it a family member, boss or friend. You may also feel respected and appreciated, rewarded and awarded. When prosperity strikes, spread your good fortune by being kind and generous to others too and see it multiply.


Queen of Wands: Energetic, vivacious, trustworthy, efficient

Be the Queen who embodies all of the above. You are a person on the go; pretty unstoppable. Take charge, organise, and accomplish. There is a feminine energy that allows you to be sensitive yet passionate, fiery yet dependable. Health and vitality shine. 


Queen of Cups: Nurturing, caring, fulfilment

This card may signify a mature caring and supportive woman in your life or asks you to be one. Compassion and empathy is the key to happiness this month. Marriage could be in the air. You may feel the need to daydream and be lost in your own little world. There is a beautiful creative and intuitive energy in the air. Make use of the same in all spheres of your life. 


Knight of Pentacles: Practical, reliable, hard-working, steadfast

This card represents a period of hard work, effort, and determination. You will move methodically and relentlessly in the pursuit of your goals. A traditional approach will help. You will be in ‘implementation mode’ and only rest when your work will be done. Stick to the tried and tested. This is your path. Success will soon be yours, as patience pays. 


Ten of Cups: Emotional well-being, family happiness 

A super positive card. A time of emotional happiness, happy family, kids, supportive relationships, well-being and contentment. Could even indicate a beautiful family holiday. You are happy, content and grateful for the people in your life. Harmony and abundance are indicated. 


King of Cups: Mature, calm male energy, diplomacy and balance 

You will find a balance between your mind and heart. There will be a deep emotional wisdom that will guide you to accept and work with what comes your way. Spirituality and intuition beckon. Listen to your gut. Be a good father, husband, guide, or counsellor. If you are single, you may find someone who embodies these qualities. Use diplomacy in your dealings.


The Chariot: Success, coming home victorious

A proud feeling of accomplishment. A time of public recognition and rewards and awards. You have overcome a lot to reach your destination. You will not rest on your laurels but move to the next goal. Journey, movement, travel, a restlessness in the air to achieve more could be felt. You are unstoppable. Success will be yours. 

(Gita Hariani is a numerologist, tarot card reader, Bach flowers practitioner and banker. Follow her on Instagram: @evolvewithgitahariani)

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