Control & conquer diabetes with Su-Jok

Stay home, stay safe has become a new mantra of life amid the lockdown. People are making most of their lockdown period by honing their culinary skills and feasting on lip-smacking dishes. Eating good food is never a bad idea, unless one eats in excess and happens to be diabetic.

During the lockdown, I have received several calls to guide people on how to tame hunger or increase metabolism - especially because exercise opportunities have been limited by the situation, a big problem for those suffering from this rich man’s disease, as it makes a person more susceptible to defeat from a Covid-19 attack.

Indian cuisine is full of sweets, fried and rich food, which has made this nation the global capital of Diabetes. Certainly not something we can be proud of. Artificial suppression through external insulin has weakened our own defence mechanism against this dread over time, and now, it is not uncommon to see a family history of diabetes with many. There is another problem, undetected and attended at the right time; it shows up unannounced with a vengeance, demanding rigid lifestyle changes as the consequences could even lead to death. A leading surgeon told me that those with acute cases of diabetes are sometimes not able to undergo operations as they cannot withstand the effects of anaesthesia.

Medical science advises those afflicted to regulate sugar with insulin pills for mild cases and injections for severe ones. Diabetics have to restrict intake of sweet foods including certain fruits - some of them essential immunity builders and natural cancer fighters. Exercise is recommended regularly. I am not saying don’t follow the instructions of doctors or modern medicine is harmful. But is it not worth trying alternate therapy that can help build your internal fighting mechanism and lower the risk of slipping into a bad zone. It costs practically nothing. It has no side effects and it’s complementary to what every patient is being treated with.

If a patient is on the borderline line of diabetes, a simple act of applying yellow colour on the right hand little fingernail works like magic. Yellow colour could be of turmeric, yellow flower petal or yellow nail polish.

Control & conquer diabetes with Su-Jok

If sugar level is up to 200, one will find pain point on phalange next to palm on left hand of men or right hand of ladies, index finger, with a probe (blunt pencil or ball pen without refill in it). It will be approximately 1/3rd of the length of phalange towards palm side. Apply one moong seed, with white germinating point touching the skin. It is advisable that you do this technique only in the daytime.

Always keep a chocolate or a lump of sugar handy as within about 20 days patient will feel symptoms of low sugar. This treatment is to be done complementary, along with whatever medicines doctor has prescribed. Take note, low sugar is more dangerous than high sugar. After three four times of patient feeling low sugar symptoms, the patient should consult doctor who will reduce the doze of medicine. Please continue medicines and pasting moong and do as said earlier, within eight to ten months, you will see the positive result. You can get rid of diabetes; all you need is patience and some moong daal. And last, but not the least, control your sugar intake.

If your sugar level shoots up to 200 then paste chakra magnet on right hand’s little finger with a help of a cello tape.It should be kept within one to five hours afterchecking the sugar level. Like moong dal, this technique too should be done in only in the day time. Never apply magnet in night time as one may not realise that sugar level has gone low, and low sugar could cause serious problems. One will get free from medicines in about eighteen months. And those who are on insulin will get rid of their diabetes within thirty months.

Yellow colour can help

Diabetes with insulin: Apply yellow colour all around base and middle joint of index finger of the left hand. On right hand, apply yellow colour on the base and on the middle joint of ring finger.

Diabetes without insulin: Apply yellow colour all around base joint of index finger and also on the ring finger of right hand.

One can visit www.artofselfhealing. in to learn more about ways to control diabetes.

(From increasing metabolism to overcoming physical problems, through a series of article, Prof Luthria will speak about the art of self-healing throughdifferent healing techniques.)

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